New Exhibit: Creating a Terror-ific Halloween!

Halloween is coming up fast! (I know, scary, right?)

We have just the exhibit to get you in the mood!!

Engineering Library Halloween Exhibit
Engineering Library Halloween Exhibit

We have a series of books tailored for the “evil genius” in you. Including Holography Projects for the Evil Genius. You might just find the way to build the perfect hologram to scare your roommate.   Or how about a voice transmitter to “throw” your voice? More Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius has all the info you need to make your own!

Interested in making your own Halloween costumes and scary decorations? Check out Make: Technology on Your Time, a journal that can help you do just that, and walk you through how to make your scary ideas come to life (so to speak….).  More Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius will tell you how to make your own light saber and how about a Wookiee pumpkin to go along with that? The Star Wars Craft Book will show you how! (Don’t miss the tip on the bottom of page 72 – use a fake pumpkin and it won’t rot and you can use it for years!)

Or do you just want to know how those Gummi Worms are made? Check out How It’s Made and see how some of those Halloween staples are made – learn about special effects makeup, hard candy, holograms, chocolate, and gummie candy!

And since Halloween isn’t complete without a skeleton, we have a skeleton of a Macaque monkey on display!  Interested in the biomechanics of animal and human bodies? Biomechanics of the Musculo-skeletal System is a comprehensive resource!   A big thank you to the Museum of Natural History for the loan of the skeleton!

No matter how you plan to spend your Halloween, stop by our Terror-ific Halloween exhibit!


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