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Happy International Women in Engineering Day!

Let’s celebrate International Women in Engineering Day! 47% of the American workforce is made up of women, but only 14% of engineers and only 20% off engineering students are women. In fact, while the number of female engineering students has increased, 40% of female graduates leave or never find a job in the field. AccordingContinue reading “Happy International Women in Engineering Day!”

Gingerbread Engineering

Snow will soon be here and it’s time for wintertime traditions – which includes gingerbread creations! National Gingerbread House Day is December 12th. Early history of the recipe is hazy, and may range to as far back as Ancient Greece in 2400 BCE to France in 992 AD. Early on, gingerbread was used in religiousContinue reading “Gingerbread Engineering”

Happy Native American Heritage Month!

November is Native American Heritage Month, so let’s celebrate some Native American Engineers! Ely S. Parker (1828-1895) – Seneca, Civil and Military Engineer Born in 1828 on the Tonawanda Indian Reservation, Ely S. Parker lived up to his Seneca name of Do-ne-ho-ga-wa, which means “Open Door.” When doors were closed to him because of hisContinue reading “Happy Native American Heritage Month!”

Engineering Halloween

Happy Spooky Season! The weather is changing here on campus and it’s almost time for Halloween. You may wonder why the Engineering Library would care about a holiday that we celebrate by dressing up and eating candy. Remember – engineering is the science of applied EVERYTHING and that includes Halloween! Come on in and check outContinue reading “Engineering Halloween”