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Explore Our Library: Media:Scape!

Working on a group project? Finding it difficult to find a space to collaborate? Need a space where it is easy to share your ideas and information from your laptop? We have just the space you need! We have 2 group study pods – and pod 1 is equipped with media:scape! Media:scape is designed for easy collaboration – your groupContinue reading “Explore Our Library: Media:Scape!”

Explore our Library! We Have Lots of Study Spaces!

Midterms are here….. (yes, already!) What kind of study space do you need to ace those tests and projects? Group Study Space? We have that! Working on a group project and need that space to spread out and maybe even have a white board? We have 2 study pods – one of which has a Media:Scape. BothContinue reading “Explore our Library! We Have Lots of Study Spaces!”

Come Explore Our Library! We have 2 Scanners!!

We added a brand-new overhead scanner this fall! We now have two and they are both free of charge! The scanners are easy to use. They have large touch screens to guide you through the scanning process. You are also able to either save your scanned document to a USB drive or email the document to yourself.Continue reading “Come Explore Our Library! We have 2 Scanners!!”

Explore Our Library: Course Reserves!

Did you know that we have Course Reserve titles for 93 classes? What happens if you can’t remember the title of the reserve book you need for your class? We have several ways to access the Reserve information from our webpage. Under our banner are several links, one of which is Course Reserve. It is easy to searchContinue reading “Explore Our Library: Course Reserves!”

Come Explore Our Library! Subject Guides

Are you looking for resources pertinent to your Engineering major? Check out all the subject guides we have available right from our webpage. The “Subject Guides” tab will take you to a number of helpful links and information. What you need to know is all located in one convenient place. The A to Z links will takeContinue reading “Come Explore Our Library! Subject Guides”

Come Explore Our Library! Tool Library!!

Did you know that we have a Tool Library?? We are one of the few academic libraries in the country that have one!  There are hand tools, measuring tools, LabQuest, technology tools AND a MaKey MaKey! All available to for you to check out!  Check our Circulation Policy for complete details and information. Tired of diggingContinue reading “Come Explore Our Library! Tool Library!!”