Explore Our Library: Media:Scape!

Working on a group project? Finding it difficult to find a space to collaborate? Need a space where it is easy to share your ideas and information from your laptop?

We have just the space you need! We have 2 group study pods – and pod 1 is equipped with media:scape!

Group Study Pod 1
Group Study Pod 1

Media:scape is designed for easy collaboration – your group may connect up to 6 electronic devices. Each device is then able to send the info on their screens to the large-screen monitor. This allows your group to share documents, images, videos, or websites instantly. Connection cords are located in the “well” in the center of the table and each connection cord has a “puck” which will glow when it is properly connected.  Once your device is connected, you simply tap the puck and the information from your laptop is instantly displayed on the monitor. Being able to share your information so quickly and easily has obvious advantages when you are working on a group project. Each person is able to work individually and immediately share with the rest of the group. Being able to view all the group members’ contributions can really enhance brainstorming and the the creative process.

The adapters which are needed to connect personal devices to the media:scape are available for check out at the circulation desk. A reservation sign-up sheet is posted on the window of each group study pod. Both group study pods are also equipped with a large whiteboard and dry erase markers are available at the circulation desk.

The combination of the media:scape and the whiteboard makes group study pod 1 the ideal space to work on that group project!




Explore our Library! We Have Lots of Study Spaces!

Midterms are here….. (yes, already!)

What kind of study space do you need to ace those tests and projects?

Group Study Space? We have that!

Group Study Pod 1
Group Study Pod 1

Working on a group project and need that space to spread out and maybe even have a white board? We have 2 study pods – one of which has a Media:Scape. Both the Media:Scape cable ports and adapters and white board markers are available for check out at the circulation desk.  There is a sign-up sheet on the door of each pod. It is a 2-2-2- policy: 2 or more students, 2 hour time slots, and you may reserve your spot up to 2 days in advance. Besides the 2 group study pods we have four group tables which are another option for working together on a group project.

Quiet Study Space? We have that!

Need a quiet space away from roommates and other distractions? We have the perfect area! Our lower level is a dedicated quiet space. There are over 30 individual study carrels. If you are tired of sitting at a desk, we’ve got several easy chairs where you can sit back and relax while you cram for that midterm.

Gamer Chair in the Lower Level Quiet Study Space
Gamer Chair in the Lower Level Quiet Study Space

Bean Bag Chairs? Gamer Chairs? Yup, we have them!

Also in the lower level, we have comfortable bean bag chairs and gamer chairs. They are the perfect spot to catch up on that required reading you haven’t done yet….

Study Carrels? We have them!

Besides the study carrels in the lower level, there are 4 on the main level, too.  The upstairs study carrels are close to the printers and scanners so they are easily accessible.

Need an ITC computer? We have those!

We have 20 computers (plus new computers tables and chairs) on the main level, and 12 more in the multipurpose room.  Plenty of spaces where you can come to study!

Printers & Scanners? We have those, too!

All our computers and your laptops will print to the 2 print stations. We also have 2 scanners – so it is easy to scan documents and save to a thumb drive or email them – easy way to share information to project partners and keep an electronic copy!

Whenever you need a change of scenery from your dorm or apartment, come study with us! And good luck on those midterms!

Come Explore Our Library! We have 2 Scanners!!

We added a brand-new overhead scanner this fall! We now have two and they are both free of charge!

Both scanners have large touch screens make them easy to use.

The scanners are easy to use. They have large touch screens to guide you through the scanning process. You are also able to either save your scanned document to a USB drive or email the document to yourself. Each scanner will scan in black & white or in color. If a USB drive is inserted, the scanner automatically recognizes this and will indicate that this is where the document will be saved. Since both scanners will scan color or black & white, they are perfect for scanning graphs, photos, magazines and journals.

The new scanner is an overhead, face-up scanner, so there will be no more book spine damage.

The new scanner is an overhead, face-up scanner. These means that books don’t have to be flattened in order to be scanned – thus preventing bo0k spine damage. You are also able to split the two pages of a book into separate images. Black edges can be removed and the content can be straightened. It also has a much larger capture area so is able to scan larger images than either copiers or typical scanners. It is much easier and quicker to scan multiple pages of a book – there is no need to flip them over to turn the page and then flip them over again to scan. You simply turn the page. There is a foot peddle so the user may use that rather than the hand scan screen. It is also wheel-chair accessible.

The scanners are located with the print station and the photocopier.

Come explore our library and find out how easy and convenient our scanners are!

Explore Our Library: Course Reserves!

Did you know that we have Course Reserve titles for 93 classes?

What happens if you can’t remember the title of the reserve book you need for your class? We have several ways to access the Reserve information from our webpage. Under our banner are several links, one of which is Course Reserve. It is easy to search by using the drop-down menu. You are given the option of searching a multiple of ways. For example you may search by course title, instructor name, course name or number and more. Select the drop-down you wish to use, type the information in the search box and it will take you to InfoHawk and a listing of all the titles reserved for that particular instructor. Click on the Location field in the InfoHawk brief record and you can check to see how many copies of that title we have, if they are already checked out and when they are due back.

Another easy way to access information about Course Reserve titles is to go our homepage and click on the drop-down menu for Services. Clicking on Course Reserves will take you to an ICON Link or a link to the Main Library Course Reserve search page.

You know the title of the book and the professor’s name, so all you need to do is stop in at the library and ask the helpful staff at the Circulation Desk! You’ll need is your student ID card (or the number if you know it), the name of the professor and the title of the book. Each Reserve book can be checked out for 2 hours, if it is checked out within 2 hours of  closing it won’t be due until an hour after we open the next day. The fine is $2.40/hour up to $40.

Come explore our library and find that Course Reserve title you need!

Come Explore Our Library! Subject Guides

Are you looking for resources pertinent to your Engineering major? Check out all the subject guides we have available right from our webpage. The “Subject Guides” tab will take you to a number of helpful links and information. What you need to know is all located in one convenient place. The A to Z links will take you to links for library-wide scholarly journals, magazines, and databases.


As you begin to look ahead and plan your research for the semester, we can help from the beginning to the end. No matter what your engineering major is, you can start your research by searching Compendex. It is the most comprehensive bibliographic database of scientific and technical engineering research available, and it covers all engineering disciplines. It includes millions of bibliographic citations and abstracts from thousands of engineering journals and conference proceedings. When combined with the Engineering Index Backfile (1884 – 1969), Compendex covers 120 years of core engineering literature. An Xpress class on Compendex will be held on November 19th from 2:30 t0 3:00 in the Engineering Library multipurpose room.

We also have a subject guide on Standards which explains standards and where to find detailed information about them. There are also links to websites where you can begin your search. There is even a section on how to cite standards in your paper. The Standards Xpress class will be held on October 8th, from 2:30 to 3:00 in the Engineering Library multipurpose room..

Our Patent subject guide explains everything from what a patent is, what can be patented and what you need to know for a patent application. There is also detailed information on how and where to search and how to cite patents. The Xpress class, Learn Patent Searching, will be held on October 22 and is a basic introduction to patent searching. It will be held in the Engineering Library multipurpose room from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m.

Wondering about product liability, but have no idea were to even begin looking? We can help with that, too! Our Product Liability subject guide will help you find out about laws and regulations, find links to useful blogs, and find out what books we have here in our own library. A few of the other subject guides cover Engineering Ethics, ADA and Universal Design, and a Citation Guide.

Be sure to check out the Xpress classes that we offer. Each class provides valuable information about the resources that are available to you. Librarians will introduce you to the tools and provide you with a basic understanding of how they may be used. The instructors are more than willing to talk with you personally, answer your questions and help you find the resources that will be most helpful to you.

Prepare yourself for this semester’s projects – explore our website and check out all the information that is available in the subject guides!!


Come Explore Our Library! Tool Library!!

Did you know that we have a Tool Library?? We are one of the few academic libraries in the country that have one!  There are hand tools, measuring tools, LabQuest, technology tools AND a MaKey MaKey! All available to for you to check out!  Check our Circulation Policy for complete details and information.

11 Piece Computer Toolkit
11 Piece Computer Toolkit

Tired of digging around trying to find just the right tool to separate those little plastic pieces while working on your computer? We’ve got an 11-piece computer tool kit – complete with scissor clamp tweezers and 2 nylon spludgers! Looking for just the right size Hex Key while you are putting together your new furniture? We have both an SAE set and two metric sets. We have pliers, a socket set (standard and metric), wrenches and screwdrivers, including a screwdriver set specifically for video games! Be sure to check our hand tool section!

Or maybe you want to find out how much it is going to cost to run your refrigerator, sound system, television, gaming console and computer all at the same time? We have a power monitor that can show you the operating costs of household appliances. Need to measure your room to see if that new couch will fit? Check out our Laser Distance Measurer. It has a 100′ range and has +/- 3/22″ accuracy. We have a number of measuring tools – light meters, sound meters, infrared thermometers, Each tool has a link to a pdf file of the user manuals.

LabQuest 2 available in our Tool Library
LabQuest 2 available in our Tool Library

We have the LabQuest 2 complete with the tools needed to use it. The LabQuest Force Plate will measure the forces that are developed with stepping, jumping and other human-scale actions; the EKG sensor will measure the electrical waveforms produced during the contraction of the muscle – helping you determine the axis of the heart, and investigate the effect of the central nervous system has on reflex amplitude.  Check out all the LabQuest tools we have available. Each tool also has the user manual in pdf form and is available from the link.

We have Raspberry Pi 2 in our technology tool section! A credit-card sized computer created for learning and experimentation! Check out our August 28th blog specifically on Raspberry Pi!

MaKey MaKey Kit Engineering Tool Library Technology Tools
MaKey MaKey Kit
Engineering Tool Library Technology Tools


We have another great way to experiment and interact with your computer – MaKey MaKey! You plug it into your computer and you can use everyday conductive objects as new inputs to perform actions! Want a banana piano? You can make one with MaKey MaKey! Or you can draw a joystick and use it to play video games. You can even learn how to send an email using alphabet soup…


The Tool Library is made possible through donations from Geb Thomas, the Engineering Electronic Shop and Engineering Computer Services. Be sure to tell them “Thank You!” – we really appreciate their help in making our Tool Library one of the best! We are frequently adding new tools, so be sure to check out the webpage regularly!

Come and explore our library and investigate our Tool Library!