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Open for Climate Justice

This year’s theme for Open Access Week is “Open for Climate Justice.” Yale Climate Connections assigns three key factors to climate justice: So what does Open Access have to do with climate justice? Everything. Everyone is impacted by climate change, so everyone should be able to freely access and contribute to the best scientific research.Continue reading “Open for Climate Justice”

Celebrate Open Access Week!

This week we’ll be highlighting Open Access on the blog in celebration of Open Access Week!  Let’s start with the basics, what is Open Access? From our Scholarly Publishing LibGuide, “Open Access (OA) is the free, immediate, online availability of learning materials, research, and creative work.” Open Access helps to remove barriers to people whoContinue reading “Celebrate Open Access Week!”

Open Education Resources and the 5 R’s

One of the best kept secrets of education are Open Educational Resources. The University of Iowa’s adopted definition is: “Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research resources that are free of cost and access barriers, and which also carry legal permission for open use. Generally, this permission is granted by use of anContinue reading “Open Education Resources and the 5 R’s”

Open Science

In 2019, UNESCO created their Recommendation on Open Science, a set of guidelines to help encourage collaboration across national boarders, language barriers, and institutional divides. Open Science advocates for Open Access, but widens the scope to include Open Data, Research, Evaluation, Policies, and Tools.  Open Science leads to more collaborative and democratic discoveries. Institutions thatContinue reading “Open Science”

Library to Help You Publish for FREE in Open Access

UI corresponding authors can now publish their journal articles Open Access and free of cost to them with 8 different publishers! The University Libraries have entered into “transformative agreements” covering the cost if you want your article to be open access.  American Chemical Society(ACS): UI corresponding authors can publish open access in any ACS journals without a fee. Under thisContinue reading “Library to Help You Publish for FREE in Open Access”

Celebrate Open Access Week with us!

Happy Open Access Week!  What is Open Access?  According to UNESCO, Open Access is “free access to information and unrestricted use of electronic resources for everyone.” The hope of Open Access is that increased access to research will lead to more collaborative projects and that the removal barriers will create a more equitable research environment.Continue reading “Celebrate Open Access Week with us!”