Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

Happy Native American Heritage Month! As a university that sits on the homelands of many tribes past and present, it is important to us to acknowledge the significant contributions that Native Americans have made to our culture and sciences. When creating our Untold Stories in STEM collection we wanted to include important stories of Native American scientists. 

Native American Scientists provides a short biography of the lives and work of Fred Begay, Wilfred F. Denetclaw Jr., Frank C. Dukepoo, Clifton Poodry, and Jerrel Yakel. 

Viewing the ancestors : perceptions of the Anaasází, Mokwič, and Hisatsinom combines the oral histories of several tribal cultures with the science of archaeology to build a more complete history of structures at Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, and Canyon de Chelly. 

Have you ever looked at the night sky and wondered who else has seen those same stars? In The Spirit and the Sky: Lakota visions of the Cosmos you can learn about the work done by Lakota astronomers in the 19th century, including how they named stars and constellations and explained the natural phenomena they saw.

In African American Cherokee Nurses in Appalachia learn how these groundbreaking women shaped the region and supported their communities.

Do you know other books about the impact that Native Americans have had in STEM fields? Let us know! We’re always looking for ideas to expand our Untold Stories in STEM collection.


Reminder: next week is Fall Break. We will be open Monday and Tuesday November 21 and 22 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm then closed from Wednesday, November 23 through Sunday, November 27th. Regular hours will resume on the 28th.  

Celebrate diverse stories with our Untold Stories in STEM Collection!

Welcome (or welcome back) to all students, faculty and staff! Over the summer we did a little bit of reorganizing. This includes a new addition to the remaining shelves on the main floor of the library. Last year these shelves were home to our bound journals collection, but now they hold our new Untold Stories in STEM Collection! In this collection you can find the stories of people who are members of communities who have been historically excluded from the narrative of scientific discoveries.

Some of these books are old favorites we have had in our library for years, like Rise of the Rocket Girls by Nathalia Holt, and Alan Turing: life and legacy of a great thinker by Christof Teuscher. You can also find new books, like Lab Girl by Hope Jahren and The Curie Society by Heather Einhorn and Adam Staffaroni (we think this graphic novel is really cool!) We did our best to gather stories from a wide range of groups, along with books on leadership and ways to improve the world. If you have suggestions on things we should add, please let us know. 

Want to come in and check it out? It’s easy to find! Just come in to the library, walk past the sandbox, take a left, and the shelf will be on your right. There’s a big sign on top, so you won’t miss it. Can’t make it in? That’s okay! Check out our Untold Stories in STEM LibGuide, which has links to the whole collection. You can request an item from the collection to be delivered to your office or closest library.