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  • 2020 Journal and Database Cancellation Review Information

    The University of Iowa Libraries work to offset increases in the costs of information resources each year along with a flat budget (0 percent increase in funding).  Our strategy is to minimize the impact of inflation by continuously monitoring the use of the collection to identify and […]

  • Contrasting commercial library binding options

    Blog post by Abigail Evans, student employee, and Nancy Kraft, head of Preservation & Conservation This fall we took some time to review our two commercial bindery practices for monographs: DigiCovers and standard solid-color library bindings. DigiCovers are created by color-copying and […]

  • Data Science Institute | Learn Python, Jupyter Notebooks, Tidyverse/R, Stata, High Performance Computing with Argon | Free | January 7-10

    The University of Iowa, a pioneer in Informatics research, will host a data science institute featuring a number of mini-classes the week of January 7-10, 2019. The workshop is a collaborative effort between the Iowa Social Science Research Center (ISRC) and the Iowa Informatics Initiative […]

  • All You Need to Know about the Paper Flags in the Stacks

    Music Library patrons have commented many times on the paper flags hanging in the library stacks this Fall, which are part of a relocation project that started in late summer. Starting December 14, flagged items will be loaded onto carts and relocated to the Libraries’ Annex facility. All […]

  • Holiday Hours @Hardin Library begin Saturday, December 15

    Holiday hours begin on Saturday, December 15.  The 24-hour study will be open when the library is closed. Saturday, December 15 CLOSED Sunday, December 16 CLOSED Monday, December 17 – Friday, December 21 7:30am – 6:00pm Saturday, December 22 – Tuesday, December 25 CLOSED for […]

  • Snowflakes & Snow Exhibit

    It’s fun to catch snowflakes on your tongue, cut out paper snowflakes, and shovel snowflakes—oops, no. Starting again—it’s fun to catch snowflakes on your tongue, cut out paper snowflakes, and we’re featuring scientist snowflakes in our new […]

  • Katelyn Foster wins Bentz Scholarship

    With winter break around the bend, campus wide student employee supervisors contemplate how to cope with the dramatic drop off of help to be had over the holidays. This poses unique challenges, but most of all it makes us appreciate student employees that much more. Here in […]

  • ClinicalKey, Scopus and many Elsevier journals working again

    ClinicalKey, Scopus and Science Direct should all be working as expected. If you have problems, please call us at 319-335-9151. […]

  • A Special Goodbye from Hannah Hacker

    My Favorite Things (a la Special Collections) by Hannah Hacker For the past two and a half years, I have had the honor to work as a graduate assistant at the University of Iowa Special Collections. I am thrilled about graduating from my Library Science and Book Arts program this semester, and I am […]

  • UI Libraries and student government collaborate to reduce textbook costs

    How will I afford my textbooks this semester? Can I pass this course even though I don’t have the book?  Is it illegal to download this PDF of the book that I found online? These are the kinds of questions students ask at the beginning of the semester. The solutions they find are […]

  • Finals Week Snacks & Snowflakes

    During Finals Week, Chauncey reviews his notes, gets enough sleep, and studies with friends at the Sciences Library. He creates his own study guides and asks himself questions that might be on his exams. When he gets tired, he finds it helpful to take short breaks.    Luckily, […]

  • Extended Hours for Finals Week!

    It’s that time again – FINALS WEEK! Are you finding that you are having trouble concentrating when you try and study in your room? Too many distractions? The couch and TV or gaming system just too close? Or that nice, soft, comfy bed? Stop in – we have extended hours!    […]

  • Creating First-hand Experiences with Manuscript Open Houses

    Below is a reflection from Micaela Terronez, Olson Graduate Assistant, on the “Manuscripts at Special Collections” open houses. Can I really touch it? One curious visitor asked this question in amazement as they gazed at one of the twenty-one visiting manuscripts from Les Enluminures, a […]

  • DOIs for Theses and Dissertations

    All theses and dissertations in Iowa Research Online have now been assigned DOIs. DOIs, or Digital Object Identifiers, are unique and persistent IDs for electronically published documents. DOIs will be used by publications citing your thesis/dissertation, so that there will be better information […]

  • Duct Tape & Rubber Band Engineering Exhibit!

    Most of us have a drawer, somewhere in our house, which contains all sorts of odds and ends. In my house it was always the “miscellaneous” drawer, others call it a “junk” drawer. Whatever you call it, I bet you have duct tape and rubber bands shoved in it – and maybe […]

  • Hippocrates Translated by François Rabelais | December 2018 Notes from the John Martin Rare Book Room @Hardin Library

      HIPPOCRATES (ca. 460 B.C.-ca. 368 B.C.). Aphorismorum Hippocratis sectiones septem. Lyons: Apud Seb. Gryphium, 1543. The John Martin Rare Book Room holds 21 titles by Hippocrates published from 1527 through the 1800’s.  This volume, translated from the Greek to Latin is […]

  • Radiology, Cardiology, Anatomy & More | New eBooks Available on ClinicalKey

    Arrhythmias in Adult Congenital Heart Disease (Balaji, Seshadri) 1st ed *NEW* Complications in Neurosurgery (Nanda, Anil) 1st ed *NEW* Endocrine and Reproductive Physiology (White, Bruce) 5th ed Essentials of Nuclear Medicine Imaging (Mettler, Fred) 7th ed Gastrointestinal […]

  • Red Planet Day 2018

    On this day in 1964, the Mariner 4 spacecraft launched and completed the first Mars flyby, marking today as Red Planet Day. Mariner 4 took snapshots of the surface of Mars and gave us our first up-close view of the planet. While Mariner 4 was meant to capture […]

  • Longer loans for DVDs

    You can now borrow DVDs for 14 days!  You find DVDs in InfoHawk+, and request DVDs after signing in to InfoHawk+. &nbs […]

  • Meet The Expert: Chris Childs, Clinical Education Librarian for Pharmacy and Dentistry

    Meet The Expert: Chris Childs, Clinical Education Librarian Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, Purdue University Master of Library Science, University of North Texas Areas of Expertise: Health sciences literature searching Systematic reviews EndNote Teaching and training users Collection development […]

  • Arthur Canter, 1921-2018

    I first met the late Arthur Canter about five years ago, shortly after arriving in Iowa City. He would come to the library every few months and check out a stack of recordings and books to aid in his writing of program notes for a number of performing organizations around town. Arthur liked to stop […]

  • UI Libraries collaborates to expand access to research data

    Eight Big Ten universities, a federal funding agency, and private companies come together to fund the development of Collaborative Archive Data Research Environment (CADRE) Students, faculty, and researchers across the Midwest and beyond will gain crucial access to large research datasets through a […]

  • A look at Mary Shelley the Film

    This Halloween season, Frankenstein is everywhere. And no wonder, for the book turned 200 this year and is overdue for a party. While the monster is everywhere, what about the woman who created the famous story? We’ve asked our own Frankenstein expert and Curator of Science Fiction and […]

  • Open Access to Research Data

    Written by Brian Westra, Data Services Manager This year’s International Open Access Week is emphasizing equitable foundations for open knowledge. Across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities there is a growing recognition of the importance of open access to research data. The […]

  • Graduate Thesis Boot Camp!

    Free 2-Day Graduate Thesis Workshop! Presented by The Lichtenberger Engineering Library, College of Engineering, the Graduate College and the Hanson Center for Technical Communication! December 17th & 18th, 2018   Open to current engineering and computer science graduate students, Thesis […]

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