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  • New Learn & Create Workshops!!!

    Exciting New Create & Learn Workshops!! Wednesdays @ 1 p.m. We are happy to collaborate with the Engineering Technology Center, NEXUS and the Department of Music to present some exciting workshops! Workshops are free (but there may be an optional materials fee) and are on Wednesdays from 1 to 2 […]

  • Welcome Back!

    YOU ARE HERE!! And we are glad you are! We missed you while you were gone – but we kept busy, too! Shhh! We are in the process of updating our quiet study space on our lower level! New comfy chairs are here and soon there will be new study carrels!  But, never fear, we […]

  • Who’s Got Spirit?: An Interview with Gregg Niemiec, UI Spirit Coordinator

    What do the UI Libraries and UI Athletics have in common? Hawkeye History! In this blog post, Chloe Waryan, Exhibit Design Intern at the University of Iowa Special Collections, interviews Gregg Niemiec, Spirit Coach of the Iowa Spirit Squad. For Herky’s 70th birthday, Gregg and Chloe team up […]

  • What’s Happening in the Engineering Library? Fall 2018 Newsletter

    Lichtenberger Engineering Library Fall 2018 Newsletter   New Learn & Create Workshops Creative Space & Tool Library YouTube Video Channel Live Chat and Text Messaging Available! New Website New Resources Subject Guides Classroom Assistance and Library Tours Course Reserves […]

  • 24-Hour Study updated with new furniture

    Hardin Library’s 24-hour study has been updated with new furniture and study carrels, as well as easier access! Hardin Library is working on providing access to the 24-hour study with an Iowa One Card or UIHC hospital badge.  Parts have been ordered to allow everyone access.  This […]

  • Wülfie Parsons’ Music Library Guide: 2018 Edition

    In the summer of 2018, the Rita Benton Music Library “adopted” Wülfie Parsons, who belonged previously to Dr. Donna Parsons. He’s a born and bred Iowa pup, and is settling in nicely to his new home here in Voxman. Wülfie will be around the Music Library, usually near the […]

  • Feeling Overwhelmed By Your College Experience? Check Our New Exhibit for Help!

    You are here – at the University of Iowa! You may be a first year, sophomore, junior or senior – but no matter what year, the excitement is there. The anticipation of new experiences and the trepidation of new experiences!  Stop in and see our new exhibit and see some of the ways […]

  • Top 10 Things to Know About the Sciences Library

    10. You can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter! 9. You can email, call, or schedule an appointment with one of our librarians (Laurie Neuerburg or Leo Clougherty) if you need help finding books, articles, or anything else for your research.  8. You can use our scanner on the 1st floor for […]

  • Congratulations to our Library Student Employee Scholarship Winners | Jake Edwards and Mikaela Johnson

    Two student employees of Hardin Library won academic scholarships this year. Jacob (Jake) Edwards is pursuing a major in English with a political science minor.  Jake won the Dale M. and Mary Gail Bentz Libraries Student Employee  Scholarship.  “Working with books has always […]

  • Natural Language Searching in NCBI Databases | New

    by Laurie Neuerburg NCBI has improved its search functionality in the “all databases” search to be compatible with natural language searching. In the past, natural language searching for sequence data brought up too many results or sometimes zero results. Now you can search NCBI more […]

  • Galen, De ossibus. | August 2018 Notes from the John Martin Rare Book Room @Hardin Library

    GALENUS (ca. 130-ca. 200). De ossibus. Lyons: Apud Guliel. Rouillium, 1549.    Next to Hippocrates, Galen was the most noted physician of antiquity. Born in Pergamon (present day Bergama, Turkey), he received his formal medical education in Smyrna, after which he traveled widely […]

  • Natural Language Searching in NCBI Databases

    NCBI has improved its search functionality in the “all databases” search to be compatible with natural language searching. In the past, natural language searching for sequence data brought up too many results or sometimes zero results. Now you can search NCBI more intuitively than […]

  • 1st Floor Moving Completed | Most books dated 1979 or before moved offsite to Library Annex

    Hardin Library’s books published before 1980 have been moved offsite to the Library Annex.  Books located at Library Annex can be delivered to any university library for pickup or to your campus office.  Sample record for book located at Library Annex:       […]

  • Welcome!

    The Pomerantz Business Library is here for you! Excellent Space For serious quiet, just head to the 4th floor and choose from a soft seat, carrel, or table—with plenty of room to spread out. If you would like to meet with classmates, work on a project in a group room, or just grab a smoothie […]

  • Beekeeping 101 Event is the Bee’s Knees!

    There was a lively “hive” of people at the Sciences Library for Beekeeping 101! We heard an informative talk about bees and beekeeping from Jim Davis. Then we made a bee-line for the courtyard to take a closer look at bees and how they compare with other insects. Finally, some of us […]

  • Physiognomy, Phrenology, Craniometry, Characterology, and Kindred Ventures | Mini-Exhibit through August 22 | John Martin Rare Book Room @Hardin Library

    Since antiquity, philosophers and scientists have attempted to divine personality characteristics by analyzing the size, shape, structure, and composition of the human head.  Aristotle coined the term, “physiognomy” to support his writings on the subject. The notion that character […]

  • The Ethics of Open Access Digital Archives

    After familiarizing myself with Mukurtu CMS throughout my Studio fellowship this summer, it became increasingly necessary to address issues of open access, organizational principles, and ethics in building a digital archive for the Transgender Oral History Project of Iowa (TOPI). To learn more […]

  • Dance For Screens: It’s Alive!

    As a concept, making Dance For Screens seemed completely doable: make some choreography, capture it on film, edit that footage into a series of short screendances and then implement those screendances on a couple of cell phones for an interactive installation. Simple, right?  Not quite.  […]

  • Reflections of an IWA Student

    Martiza Lopez- Campos joined the IWA student staff to work on the Mujeres Latinas Project. Since then she’s learned about processing, written finding aids, and been an invaluable member of the team at several 25th anniversary events. We’re all wishing her the best as she leaves the […]

  • Building a Digital Archive

    As a summer fellow in the Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio, I have focused on building the structure of a digital archive for the Transgender Oral History Project of Iowa (TOPI). The mission of TOPI is to recognize, collect, preserve, and celebrate the lives and stories of transgender […]

  • It’s Unfinished: Certainty and the Digital Exhibition

    For me, grad school, and especially the process of dissertating, has involved not knowing what I’m doing a lot of the time. I don’t think that experience is atypical, but this fellowship semester has been a period when I felt like I knew what I was doing—I was making a website […]

  • Looking back, looking ahead

    The past few weeks at the Studio have been a unique learning experience as I now have more familiarity and better working proficiency with Audacity and WordPress—tools that I am using in my project. Since I am building a multimedia archive of the stories of South Asians residing in the Middle […]

  • Summer Experience and Next Steps

    My project creates the visualization of people’s ‘cognitive structures’ (or mental map) using survey responses, as shown in my previous blog posting. At the end of the summer, I am very happy to share my experience in the Digital Scholarship and Publishing Studio. First, I have […]

  • Slow but steady…

    As the summer fellowship is wrapping up I am finding myself making a few small, but important, breakthroughs in my work. The most recent being the ability to utilize more of the functions of the ArcGIS platform. Specifically the select tool for highlighting information that is relevant for my […]

  • A Summer of Breaking and Building

    In the course of the last couple of weeks, I’ve made some significant progress on my project and my website and I’ve come a long way in my understanding of the code that I’ve been trying to use. The various elements have occasionally felt a little bit eclectic as I’ve […]

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