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  • An Olson’s Goodbye

    An Olson’s Goodbye By Micaela Terronez For the past two years, I have had the great fortune of learning about the inner workings of special collections and archives as the Olson Graduate Assistant at The University of Iowa Special Collections. It’s hard to believe my time at Iowa has […]

  • The Eagle Has Landed!

    July 20, 2019 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing! I know this will age me – but I remember the Moon Landing – I won’t tell you how old I was at the time, though! It was incredible to witness and I dreamed – as so many other kids did – of becoming an astronaut.  […]

  • New Deal Youth Programs in Iowa

          During the Great Depression, youth, a group young enough to be in school, while old enough to enter the workforce, worried American political leaders. The fear was that they would follow the path of youth in Germany or the Soviet Union and bring drastic change to the American […]

  • Filmmaking In The Void

      Hi blog, Julianna here. This summer I’m working on a documentary film about my home state of Texas, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), a pipeline headed for the border, and whatever happens when it reaches Mexico. I began production this spring and was going full steam […]

  • Microtonal Iranian Intervals

    My name is Ramin Roshandel and I’m a 2nd-year PhD student in Music Composition. My summer project for the Studio comprised of two parts: first is the analytical part and the second is the compositional piece. For the first stage of the first part, I’m analyzing the difference between […]

  • A Unique Document, a Unique Opportunity

    The following is a post written by graduate student Kristi Hager, who recently finished her certificate for Book Studies at Center for the Book. As a student in Dr. Jennifer Burke Pierce’s History of Readers and Reading course through the School of Library and Information Science, Hager was […]

  • Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery System Down | Tuesday, July 9 | 8pm-11pm

    The Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery and UBorrow system will be down for maintenance Tuesday, July 9 from 8-11pm.  You will not be able to log in to the system or request loans from 8-11pm. Please log in and request materials after the system returns. &nbs […]

  • Developing an App for a Children’s Museum

    I’m Jeremy, a PhD student in Educational Psychology and the Learning Sciences. I study and design informal learning environments. This summer, with the help from the Studio, I am prototyping an app for a new exhibit at the Iowa Children’s Museum. The project is built upon prior work […]

  • 1930s Nursing in Native Communities

    In the 1920s and 30s, the public health nurse or “field nurse” was an important figure on many Native American reservations. These healthcare workers were hired to provide health education and preventative medicine to Native communities. Their work was also supposed to serve the federal […]

  • Feminist Activism on Display in IWA

    Over the next year, we’ll be celebrating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the United States. Already, we’re marking important dates.  100 years ago on June 4th, Congress passed the 19th amendment, and July 2nd was the 100th anniversary of Iowa’s becoming the […]

  • Comparison of Groups with Different Patterns of Symptom Cluster Intensity across the Cancer Treatment Trajectory

    People undergoing treatment for cancer may experience a wide range of symptoms that can vary in their frequency and intensity. Experiencing multiple co-concurrent symptoms, also known as symptom clusters (SCs), can be highly distressing and impact one’s quality of life and functioning. […]

  • Mapping culture and geography of the Holy Land

    My project maps the Christianization of the Holy Land in the Late Antique/early Byzantine period (approximately 300-600 CE) using Christian literary references, pilgrimage itineraries, and various material remains throughout the region that played a part in its cultural transformation. Broadly […]

  • Place and The Tale of Genji

    The Tale of Genji, written in approximately year 1000, during Japan’s Heian Period, was penned by  Murasaki Shikibu, a mid ranking noble court lady who served the Empress. Widely considered to be the world’s first real novel, it combines fictional characters, relationships and plot […]

  • Shorter hours on Saturday, July 6 | Independence Day Holiday Hours

    The Hardin Library will be closed Thursday, July 4th for the national Independence Day holiday. The library will be open regular hours Friday, July 5th from 7:30am-6pm. The library will be open shorter hours Saturday, July 6th from 10am-2pm. The library will be open regular hours Sunday, July 7th […]

  • The digital journey of an Audiologist

                   Audiology is a profession that involves studying about sound, ear and hearing. An Audiologist works with individuals and families of individuals with hearing loss. My current research and the research that I wish […]

  • It’s the 4th of July!!

    Summer is here!! What can be more summer-like than the 4th of July, picnics, parades and, most of all, fireworks!  Fireworks have a long and (yes, I’ll say it) colorful history. Fireworks go back as far as 7th century China.  In 1292 Marco Polo took fireworks back to Italy where the […]

  • Leveling Up in Gaming – New Exhibit

    I am not a gamer. The extent of my gaming experience includes my nephews (years ago!) gleefully inviting me to play “Crash Test Dummy” with them – so they could laugh when I crashed; swiping my daughter’s Game Boy®; Wii® Bowling at my mom’s retirement home; and […]

  • Creating Collective Memory: Athletes, Commemoration, and Public Statuary

    The importance of public art in American culture cannot be underestimated. It resides in public spaces as occasionally benign, sometimes celebrated, and at other times, downright inflammatory. Public art has the power to bring communities together and also has the power to divide them. It has the […]

  • Honeymooning: A Sentimental Journey

    As a summer fellow at the Studio, I am researching honeymoon narratives and building a repository of images, film stills and other media chronicling the practice of honeymooning in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This collection is intended to serve as research, concept […]

  • Residents | Services for You!

    Hardin Library provides a variety of services to help you succeed! Your department has a specialist librarian Every department is assigned a liaison librarian, who can help you with all of your questions about the library and its resources. Evidence-based medicine resources Hardin subscribes to […]

  • Visualizing US Social Safety Net Benefits: The Learning Curve

    Social safety nets consist of several programs that help maintain the wellbeing of society members and protect people during times of hardship. The US social safety net gives individual states a lot of autonomy in administering safety net programs. This leads to considerable variation in the level […]

  • The Networks of Online Groups

    Project background: Participation in voluntary associations is vital for a healthy democracy. With most research focusing on the conventional associations, e.g. labor unions or sports groups, the recent popularization of online social groups, e.g. Facebook and Meetup groups, calls for more […]

  • Discovering the Difficulties of Online Teaching

    The project I am working on this summer is developing instructional content to share along with my DMA thesis recording project, “New Works for Trumpet and Interactive Electronics”. This project will also include developing a platform to share the instructional content and recordings […]

  • Mac Gill | Graduate Student @Hardin | Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio Fellow

    Mac Gill, graduate student employee at Hardin Library and current Master’s student in Library and Information Science and student in the Book Arts certificate program was selected to be a 2019 Digital Humanities Summer Fellow at The University of Iowa Digital Scholarship & Publishing […]

  • requires two-step log on | Starting Tuesday, June 25, 2019

    Beginning Tuesday, June 25, users of will be required to use the two-step log on. If you access Office365 from the Hardin Library computers, you will be required to use the two-step log on each time you log on to the computer.  Do not check the “remember me […]

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