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  • Micaela Terronez’s RBMS Conference Report

    “What is special to you?” Environmental activist and Beyond Dirty Fuels creator Bryan Parras presented this question during the final plenary at the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS) conference in New Orleans. Despite the simplicity, I felt at a loss for a response. Sure, many […]

  • Open Access Publishing Fund | Funding Reduced, Fund Closing in 2020

    by Laurie Neuerburg For several years, UI Libraries has maintained an Open Access (OA) Fund to help researchers pay for the article processing charges (APCs) on open access publications. This fund supports authors choosing to make their publications open for anyone to read, broadening their […]

  • AT&T Wireless retired July 16, guests now use UI-Guest

    The AT&T Wireless guest network available on the UI Campus was retired on July 15, 2018. UI-Guest is the new campus guest network.  Please connect to UI-Guest for free guest wifi.  This network is not secure, so we do not recommend using it for shopping, banking, or any activity […]

  • Sunsetting of the Open Access Fund

    For several years, UI Libraries has maintained an Open Access (OA) Fund to help researchers pay for the article processing charges (APCs) on open access publications. This fund supports authors choosing to make their publications open for anyone to read, broadening their audience and providing wide […]

  • Magazine Ecology – Networks of Nineteenth Century Environmental Periodicals

    My project is focused on exploring the development of environmental writing in American magazines during the nineteenth century. Many of the authors that we today think of as seminal environmental writers — authors such as John Muir, Sarah Orne Jewett, and John Burroughs — made a name […]

  • Hispanic women writers in Iowa: a digital map

    My project consists of an interactive digital map that will portray Hispanic women writers who have been in Iowa City. When I first thought about the project the intention was to do a cartography of all Hispanic writers, both women and men. However, due to the timeframe of the project and the fact […]

  • Cognitive Structures of Adolescents’ Life Goals

    My project creates the visualization of people’s ‘cognitive structures’ (or mental map) using survey responses. Using a network analysis, this project classifies cultural groups that are identifiable based on the cognitive structure of adolescents’ life goals in the U.S. and […]

  • Stories of South Asians in the Gulf

    Greetings, Everyone. This summer I am working on a multimedia archive to document the migration experiences of South Asians residing in the Middle East, or the “Gulf,” as the region is popularly called. Despite historic trade relations between South Asia and the Gulf, much of this […]

  • Sound as Pattern / Pattern as Sound

    Technology is built in a language of pattern and so is the world.  In these first few weeks of the fellowship, I have been thinking and reading about what it means to observe and record. In this mindset, the world is full of “ephemeral” data — the stuff that surrounds us, […]


    Dr. Blalock had asked us to look at series of interviews on the Los Angeles Review of Books’ website, collected by Melissa Dinsman, “The Digital in the Humanities: A Special Interview Series.” I read the interview with Dr. Jessica Marie Johnson. Dr. Johnson makes a statement early […]

  • Making Digital Dances Dance Digitally 

    I’m Marc. I’m an MFA Choreographer in the Dance Department and this summer at the Studio I’m building a project called Dance For Screens.  As a choreographer, I (probably) spend an inordinate amount of time observing people and how they move through the world. I’m […]

  • “There’s nothing more important in a democracy than a well informed electorate.”

    Antecedents In 1987, Congress amended the Nuclear Waste Policy Act (1982) designating Yucca Mountain as the sole nuclear waste repository for the country. Still reeling from the Three Mile Island accident (1979), fears of an American Chernobyl (1986), and cinematic representations of nuclear crises […]

  • Margaret Gamm, New Head of Special Collections

    The University of Iowa Libraries is delighted to announce Margaret Gamm as the new Head of Special Collections. She replaces Greg Prickman, who leaves on July 2 to become the Eric Weinmann Librarian and Director of Collections at the Folger Shakespeare Library after serving as Head of Special […]

  • On Narrowing Scope: Making a Huge Project Manageable (and Failing at It)

    Hi, everyone. I’m working this summer on a digital exhibition of the Commonwealth, an anti-slavery Boston newspaper founded in 1862, right in the middle of the Civil War. In the weeks since my fellowship began, I’ve been working on making scans of the pages of the periodical, […]

  • Women Of Ancient History (WOAH) – Networks and Maps to Promote Non-Male Scholars

    I am contributing to an already existing project. Check out the current WOAH site. In short, the goal of this project is to promote the awareness and visibility of non-male scholars who study the ancient world. Dr. Sarah E. Bond (Iowa, Classics) started WOAH to combat the plainly false notion that, […]

  • Explorations in Writing Technology: Creating a Digital Typeface

    If I want to write—to make marks that express thoughts in written language, in a way that it can be shared and read by others—there are a number of tools available to help with the task:  Pencil  Pen (ballpoint, felt tip or fountain, not to mention reed, feather and steel […]

  • Mapping gender and status in simulated Mars missions

    NASA has scheduled the first manned mission to Mars by 2030s. Millions of miles away, this group of astronauts will constitute a micro society. Women and men, most likely from different cultures, will have to live and work together in claustrophobic chambers for a long time. Stereotypes in task […]

  • Beekeeping 101 at the Sciences Library

    Join us for Beekeeping 101 at the Sciences Library for an all-ages beekeeping talk and activities on Tuesday, July 31, 2-4 pm!  2-3 PM (Sciences Library room 102): Jim Davis of the East Central Iowa Beekeepers will give a talk on the management of bees, why bees are important, and what […]

  • Do You Have Your Head In the Clouds?

    Do you remember lying on your back on the grass and looking at the clouds – finding the shapes, marveling at all the differences? The types, the colors? Looking through old family slides and photos I discovered my father took a lot of pictures of clouds – as do I, my brother and my […]

  • Residents | Services for You!

    Hardin Library provides a variety of services to help you succeed! Your department has a specialist librarian Every department is assigned a liaison librarian, who can help you with all of your questions about the library and its resources. Evidence-based medicine resources Hardin subscribes to […]

  • Scopus & Web of Science Workshop | Tuesday, June 26, 3-4pm

    Both databases are multidisciplinary and allow you to measure scholarly impact.   This hands-on session will show you • how to quickly find the articles you need for you research or systematic review in each database  • how to track an article’s cited and citing references […]

  • Advanced EndNote Desktop Workshops | Maximize & Share | June 27 & July 26 at Hardin Library

    For those already using Endnote, this class teaches you to maximize the tool. From exporting and importing to syncing and sharing, this class will help you manage your own information seamlessly from desktop to mobile device and on the web. You’ll also learn about the Endnote options for […]

  • Summer Workshops at the Sciences Library

    The following workshops are open to all students, faculty, and staff. There is no need to register in advance.  EndNote Workshop – Wednesday, July 18, 2-3 PM, Chemistry Building, W258  In this workshop you will learn how to use EndNote to:  Collect references for articles, […]

  • Archivist Remembers Hometown Tornado

    Summer for a Midwesterner means corn on the cob, days at the pool or setting up the sprinkler in the front yard, gnats galore, and humidity that makes the air feel like soup. However, summer in the Midwest also brings to mind pictures of tornadoes that swoop down from the sky and destroy so much […]

  • Return Books in Campus Mail | easier returns

    You may return any University of Iowa library books in campus mail if it is more convenient for you.  Please return these in person only: recalled books movies interlibrary loan materials books you were billed for Print off and fill out  Hardin Library book return form  for […]

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