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  • Celebrating Beatrix Potter’s Birthday with New Acquisitions

    The following is written by Public Services Librarian, Lindsay Moen Today marks the 155th birthday of renowned children’s book author, Beatrix Potter. Potter was best known as the author and illustrator of cherished tales such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck, and The […]

  • DVD Display, July 27 – Recent Acquisitions

    Welcome to our rotating DVD display, here we will present a themed selection of titles for you to browse. If you would like to borrow a DVD, just click the link below the title and sign in with your Hawk ID and password to make a request. Thanks for browsing! Parasite Bong Joon Ho brings

  • An Artist’s Perspective: Travel Diary of Stuart Travis

    The following is written by our Workplace Learning Connection summer intern Cassady Jackson Stuart Travis (1868-1942) was an American artist who was accepted into art school in France during the latter half of the 19th century. He was just nineteen years old when he made the journey alone from New […]

  • Lord of the Rings Films: 20 Years On

    Visit the Sciences Library to see our display of Lord of the Rings movie replicas and enter our Trivia Contest. The display will be up through September. Get all 10 questions right in the Trivia Contest to win a small prize. Winners will be entered into a drawing for a larger prize. The contest is

  • Spirit Duplicators: Early 20th Century Copier Art, Fanzines, and the Mimeograph Revolution

    The following was written by Olson Graduate Assistant Rich Dana, and curator of the Spirit Duplicators exhibit in Special Collections & Archives reading room During my three and a half years at Special Collections, I have worked with an amazing range of materials, but my major projects have […]

  • Explore Iowa’s Biodiversity with Bur Oak Guides & Books

    Guest Author: Kai Weatherman Summer naturally finds us spending more time outdoors, which provides a multitude of opportunities to observe the diversity of plant and animal species that inhabit Iowa. Unless you are already a professional naturalist, you may occasionally wonder about the identity of […]

  • Visualizing Public Perceptions of Mental Health Stereotypes

    Over 40 million adults each year in the U.S. contend with mental health issues, many of whom do not receive quality treatment (NAMI 2018; NIMH 2015). These individuals are often subjected to stigmatization: the social process within social relationships involving the devaluing of someone through […]

  • Looking for Two-Spirit people in Colonizer Records

    I have been working on an accessible version of my dissertation research on Anishinaabe Two-Spirit history. I’ve spent the last year learning and expanding my skills with audio editing and podcast hosting as well as managing a website, so I did not realize how steep the learning curve for setting […]

  • From Baghdad to Britain: Mapping an Ancient Book Trade

    In the year 925, a new governor of Egypt imposed taxes that previously did not affect the Christian clergy of monasteries. The head of a monastery known as Dayr al-Suryan (pictured below), or the Monastery of the Syrians, then went on a journey to Baghdad to attempt to appeal and remove the tax […]

  • What They May Project

    I have been working on a short documentary film-essay that explores China’s independent queer cinema and its production context during the past two decades. Focusing on gender, sexuality, and politics, my project addresses multiple related topics. For example, I am identifying a set of common […]

  • SciVal Workshop Series

    Join Linda Galloway, Elsevier Customer Consultant, to learn about SciVal, Elsevier’s analytics solution. SciVal provides access to the comprehensive research performance of over 19,000 research institutions and their associated researchers from 230 nations worldwide. SciVal allows you to […]

  • New Book Display – July 8, 2021

    Welcome to the Library’s virtual New Book Shelf. Here we will present new titles for you to browse and check out. Titles listed here will be monographs published in the current year. If you see a title you would like to borrow, please click the link below the item and sign in with your Hawk

  • Residents: Guide to Services for You!

    Welcome new residents! We have a guide to services available to you:  Find your specialist librarian:

  • Mapping Forgotten Routes

    In the 1969 MGM film, The Trouble with Girls, a fedora-clad Elvis Presley steps off of a train in 1920s Iowa. As the manager of a touring chautauqua program, Elvis’s character is tasked with maintaining the show’s ongoing commercial viability while also wooing a love interest played by Marlyn […]

  • Reading Between the Lines

    Blind accumulation of material is far easier than selection, and the roadmap is subject to change—these have been my first lessons in developing an online exhibit on “Dispatches from the Cockney School: The Romantics for Our Time.” During the latter half of June, I waded through the Special […]

  • The historical journey and the journey of the story

    As part of my MFA thesis project I have been working on a short story collection that portrays the daily life in coffee plantations in Pluma Hidalgo, Oaxaca, México. Given the intensity of the emotional connection I feel to this area, not only because it is my great source of inspiration, I […]

  • Knowing What Your Horse Needs

    I’m having trouble with a horse. Or trouble with its essay.  As a writer in the Nonfiction Writing Program, I deal in words. As a pen and ink illustrator, I deal in image. My project this summer with the support of the Digital Publishing Studio is integrating these modes in a way that their union

  • Is that someone me?

    At times the amount of ideas, and possible outcomes for this project have felt overwhelming. But it has started to feel more manageable as I transfer my ideas into paper, shape those ideas into a more concrete project, and draft the script of  my video essay.  I have felt inspired by the […]

  • New Book Display July 1, 2021

    Welcome to the Library’s virtual New Book Shelf. Here we will present new titles for you to browse and check out. Titles listed here will be monographs published in the current year. If you see a title you would like to borrow, please click the link below the item and sign in with your Hawk

  • The House They Left

    As a writer and scholar from Venezuela, I identify myself from the fringes of my language. For this reason, writing in Spanish while living in the United States is my way of giving order and meaning to the feeling of being adrift I experienced when I decided to leave my country. In her book […]

  • New Book: Theodor Schwann, Mikroskopische…, 1839 | John Martin Rare Book Room @Hardin Library

    THEODOR SCHWANN (1810-1882). Mikroskopische Untersuchungen über die Uebereinstimmung in der Struktur und dem Wachsthum der Thiere und Pflanzen. [Microscopical researches into the accordance in the structure and growth of animals and plants] Printed by Georg Reimer in Berlin in 1839. First […]

  • New University of Iowa Research Indexed in PubMed

    New research by University of Iowa researchers just added to PubMed:   Genetically predicted circulating concentrations of micronutrients and risk of colorectal cancer among individuals of European descent: a Mendelian randomization study. Tsilidis KK, Papadimitriou N, Dimou N, Gill D, Lewis SJ, […]

  • A Forgotten Chicago Poet and her Popgun Sonatas

    “A couple months ago, I was at a family gathering, this was with in-laws. And after a little dinner or whatever, they brought out this board game called ‘Therapy.’ Which is very frightening with your in-laws and extended family or whatever. But it turned out to be a pretty lame game. It […]

  • Brokaw’s Press Passes Grant Access to Unique History

    The following is written by Humanities for the Public Good Intern Patrick Johnson Tom Brokaw is a name synonymous with journalism, and the journalism that many strive for. His career spans decades and his resume includes trips across several continents and countries, meetings with some of the […]

  • IWA’s 2020 Kerber Grant Recipient: Yazmin Gomez

    After the pandemic postponed her research trip, Yazmin Gomez, the 2020 Linda and Richard Kerber Travel Grant recipient, finally made it to IWA! Linda Kerber, May Brodbeck Professor in the Liberal Arts and Professor of History Emerita, and her husband Richard founded this grant to help researchers, […]

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