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  • Listening to Muhammad Ali, 53 years later

    It’s been over fifty-three years since Muhammad Ali spoke to a full house in the Iowa Memorial Union on the University of Iowa campus, but thanks to the Darwin Turner Audio Collection (and a grant to digitize this collection), anyone today can take a moment to listen to Ali’s words and […]

  • New eBooks in ClinicalKey Including Critical Care, Pain, Oncology, Viral Outbreaks

    Brand-new titles now available electronically in ClinicalKey.  All of these are the first edition of this title. Surgery of the Salivary Glands (Witt) Breast Cancer and Gynecological Cancer Rehabilitation (Cristian) Pediatric Transplant and Oncology Infectious Diseases (Steinbach) Pain Care […]

  • Medical Arts: Teaching Art History Through The John Martin Rare Book Room – Video of Talk by Vero Rose Smith

    Watch a recording of Vero Rose Smith’s talk on November 11, 2020 Medical Arts: Teaching Art History Through The John Martin Rare Book Room For the past eight years, students enrolled in art history and studio arts courses explored the holdings of the John Martin Rare Book Room. Here, they […]

  • Potential COVID-19 Vaccines: What to Know

    Potential COVID-19 Vaccines: What to Know Two vaccines have shown great promise recently to be successful against COVID-19. Pfizer and Moderna have reported that their vaccines showed close to 95% efficacy in their recent vaccine trials. These vaccines will provide immunity to covid-19, so that […]

  • Shortened Hours During Thanksgiving Break!

      Monday – Tuesday November 23rd – 24th In-person & Virtually: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM   CLOSED Wednesday – Sunday November 25th – 29th   REOPEN 8:30 AM Monday, November 30th      

  • Thanksgiving Break Hours @Hardin Library

    The Hardin Library will have different hours during the Thanksgiving Break holiday. The 24-hour study will be available when the library is closed. Saturday, November 21 Virtual help available 1pm-5pm Sunday, November 22 Virtual help available 1pm-9pm Monday, Nov 23-Wednesday, Nov 25 Open […]

  • Szathmary inspiration for the perfect slice of pie

    Our Archives Assistant Denise Anderson explored the Szathmary collection to create the perfect cherry pie. Below is the recipe, along with Denise’s step-by-step guide on what she did to create what is sure to be the best dessert at your next Thanksgiving.        Time to […]

  • Engineering Library Closed 11/13/2020

      The Engineering Library will be closed today, Friday, November 13, 2020. We will reopen on Monday, November 16th at 8:30 AM Our Live Chat will be available until 6:00 PM today and you may email us at if you need assistance. We apologize for the inconvenience.  

  • Tidying Up Your Research Data!

          Tidying Up Your Research Data with Good Practices Have you ever had a messy computer desktop? Have you ever had trouble finding your research data in a computer directory? Have you ever had a nightmare of recalling some key details of your research because of a lack of […]

  • Sackner Archive: An Iowa Author, A World View

    By Timothy Shipe Curator, International Dada Archive Co-Curator, Sackner Archive exhibition Mary Ellen Solt is the only poet in the Sackner Archive exhibition who is also part of the UI Libraries’ Iowa Authors Collection. Born in 1920 in Gilmore City, Iowa, Mary Ellen Bottom […]

  • Sackner Archive: Poets as Dissidents

    By Timothy Shipe Curator, International Dada Archive Co-Curator, Sackner Archive exhibition In former Czechoslovakia, concrete poets were at the heart of dissident movements seeking to reform or overthrow the Communist regime. Two of these poets are included in the Czech section of our exhibition. […]

  • Political Cartoons: A “Darling” Reminder to Vote

    The following post comes from Olson Graduate Assistant Rachel Miller-Haughton. Political cartoons are more fraught and relevant today than ever. The New York Times ended their political cartoons in July 2019, after they pulled an image that was widely perceived as anti-Semitic. Other publications […]

  • A Special Collections Graduate Assistant Remembers Marvin Sackner

    The following blog is written by Rich Dana, Olson Graduate Assistant in Special Collections.  Dr. Marvin Sackner passed away on September 29th. A national leader in the field of pulmonology and an inventor of innovative medical devices, Marvin Sackner was also an internationally recognized […]

  • Iowa Rocks!

    Iowa is not known for having an especially dramatic landscape. But in fact there are many hidden gems to be found in this particular plot of so-called flyover country. Among them is Wildcat Den State Park in southeastern Iowa. According to Iowa DNR it is one of the most photographed state parks in […]

  • Sackner Archive: Merz, Schwitters, Art

    Timothy Shipe, curator of the International Dada Archive and co-curator of the Sackner Archive exhibition in the Main Library Gallery, has some stories to share about poet artist Kurt Schwitters and his Merz publications in this new video. Merz no. 2 appears in the Fall 2020 Main Library Gallery […]

  • Sci-Fi Flix: Fact or Fiction?

    SCI-FI FLIX! FACTS OR FICTION? Come Join Us And Discover the Truth!     You are watching the latest Sci-Fi movie and something happens and you know that it is impossible. And you really want to talk about how impossible it is – right? Well, now you can! Join us for Sci-Fi Flix […]

  • It’s Open Access Week!

      It’s Open Access Week! So, what exactly does that mean? Open Access (OA) refers to the free, online availability of research articles. That helps researchers so they don’t hit a paywall – suddenly get to a point in their research when they are required to pay in order to […]

  • Cloth or Disposable Masks Required as of Friday, October 23

    Effective Friday, Oct. 23, 2020, the university will no longer allow gaiters or face shields (when worn without a mask) as appropriate face coverings. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are required to wear face masks in all university buildings, including classrooms, including the Hardin […]

  • From Alabama to the Barrio: Ernest Rodriguez and the Fight Against Racism in Iowa

    This post by IWA Graduate Research Assistant Heather Cooper is the ninth installment in our series highlighting African American history in the collections of the Iowa Women’s Archives. The series ran weekly during Black History Month, and will continue monthly for the remainder of 2020. In […]

  • In Memory of Dr. Marvin Sackner

    The following was written by International Dada Curator Timothy Shipe It is with profound sorrow that we note the passing of Dr. Marvin Sackner on Tuesday, September 29 at age 88, just a few weeks after the opening of this exhibition. For those of us at Iowa, Dr. Sackner will be forever remembered […]

  • AAPT Book Archive collection: one-year trial access

    The UI Libraries has free trial access to the AAPT Book Archive collection for one year. The AAPT Book Archive collection includes 34 titles originally published in print between 1977 and 2017. In partnership with the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), AIP Publishing digitized a […]

  • New York Times | Full Access to Current Content Provided By Libraries

    Keep current on news with the New York Times.  The University of Iowa Libraries provides access online to: All content 1980-present Mini crossword Off-campus users may access 5 articles per day from 1923-1980 (due to contract dispute) To set up access: 1. Go to […]

  • It’s Leaf-Peeping Season!

    It’s fall! Don’t miss the trees turning those gorgeous colors!     The days are shorter and cooler and the trees are changing colors. Beautiful deep reds, oranges, and vibrant yellows…. So, how does that happen, and why in the fall? Trees that change color are […]

  • Girls In Aviation Day 2020!

      This Saturday, September 26th is Girls In Aviation Day! “Flying is so much more than just a quick way to traverse space. It’s freedom and color and form and style. I am at home in the air.” Amelia Earhart, Feb. 7, 1934, Christian Science Monitor.    This is […]

  • Red, Orange, Yellow: The Science of Fall Foliage

    The autumnal equinox occurred on Tuesday, September 22 this year. This marks the turning point when the sun passes over the Earth’s equator, and the hours of daylight and night are close to equal. From this point on, the hours of daylight will soon begin decreasing each day until the shortest […]

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