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  • Our Professor Higbee Portrait is Home!

      Frederic Goodson Higbee Professor & Head of Engineering Drawing 1905 – 1952   We, here in the Engineering Library, are very happy to have the portrait of Frederic Goodson Higbee back home again! The portrait of Professor Higbee has spent the last 11 months at the Conservation […]

  • Students Investigate: A Deeper Dive into the SUI concert of Copland compositions, March 5, 1958

    State University of Iowa Orchestra concert of Copland compositions, March 5, 1958 Represented by original concert program and picture of Himie Voxman and Aaron Copland from the composers 1958 visit to Iowa City by Jenna Sehmann On March 5, 1958, Aaron Copland attended a concert by the State […]

  • History Reflected Back: Part II

    Below is a reflection from Micaela Terronez, Olson Graduate Assistant, on a recent talk about her interest in the Mexican barrios of the Quad Cities at a local community gathering in Davenport, Iowa. She will be giving a version of this talk at “Workers’ Dream for an […]

  • Pagan heads to Puerto Rico for cultural heritage conservation project

    Candida Pagan, project conservator, traveled to Puerto Rico in early February to participate in the Helping Puerto Rican Heritage Project (HPRH). Puerto Rico faces specific preservation challenges due to the tropical climate. Salt and humidity, along with more catastrophic weather like […]

  • Spring Break Hours begin Friday, March 15

    Spring Break means shorter hours at the library, but the 24 hour study will be open to anyone with a current UIHC Badge of Iowa One Card.   Friday, March 15 7:30am-6pm Saturday, March 16 10am-2pm Sunday, March 17 Noon-4pm Monday, March 18-Friday, March 22 7:30am-6pm Saturday, March 23 10am-2pm […]

  • Celebrate Pi Day (3.14) with pie!

    In honor of Pi Day, Hardin Library will be serving pie bites beginning at 9am – until they are gone. Stop by and enjoy! […]

  • Celebrate Pi and Eat Pie

    Come and enjoy delicious pie bites at the Biz Hub  on Thursday March 14, in recognition of Pi Day!  Yummy treats will be available after 8 am. Other campus libraries celebrating are Hardin, Sciences, and Engineering. 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582 … […]

  • National Worship of Tools Day!!!

    IT IS NATIONAL WORSHIP OF TOOLS DAY!!! Can you imagine a life without tools? We can’t! And you don’t have to! We have approximately 233 tools in our Tool Library – and are always adding more!    We have all sorts of things! We have laptotps and iPads, chargers and […]

  • Moveable Medicine | John Martin Rare Book Room @Hardin Library | Annual Open House | Thursday, March 28, 4-7pm

    Moveable Medicine : A look at flap books from the John Martin Rare Book Room collection Thursday, March 28th 4-7 pm John Martin Rare Book Room 4th floor of the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences Join us to learn the history and importance of flap books throughout medical history. Discover the […]

  • Saving Susiana Project

    The project I am presently pursuing revolves around the ancient site of Susa, Modern Sush, also known as Suse, Shush, and Susiana. The site, has been excavated sporadically since 1897 by French Archaeologists under the Ministry of Culture, the latest occurring in 2010. Susa has largely been left […]

  • Students Investigate: A Deeper Dive into the Music of Maria Schneider

    JCL Features the Music of Maria Schneider (2000) by Toni LeFebvre On April 26, 2000, Johnson County Landmark, the premiere big band of the University of Iowa, featured the music of band leader, John Rapson, and award-winning American jazz composer, Maria Schneider. Programmed were three pieces from […]

  • Robert Knox | Man, his structure and physiology | March 2019 Notes from the John Martin Rare Book Room @Hardin Library

    ROBERT KNOX (1791-1862). Man, his structure and physiology : popularly explained and demonstrated. 2nd ed. London ; New York: H. Bailliere, 1858. This popular introduction to anatomy and physiology was written by the noted – if somewhat infamous – Edinburgh anatomist Robert […]

  • Researchers: Find Funding and Collaborators | Pivot Database

    Pivot now makes it easier for researchers to search for potential collaborators and external funding opportunities. University of Iowa faculty, staff, and students may now use the database to identify funding opportunities from governments, corporations, non-profit organizations, foundations, and […]

  • History Reflected Back: Part I

    Below is a reflection from Micaela Terronez, Olson Graduate Assistant, on a recent talk about her interest in the Mexican barrios of the Quad Cities at a local community gathering in Davenport, Iowa. She will be giving a version of this talk at “Workers’ Dream for an […]

  • Celebrating the International Year of the Periodic Table

    Colored bismuth crystals, bright copper, silicon circuits, and more shine in our new exhibit celebrating 2019: The International Year of the Periodic Table! One hundred and fifty years ago, Dmitri Mendeleev published a draft of the first Periodic Table. Mendeleev also wrote “Knowing how […]

  • STUDENT EXHIBIT: In Our Lives: The Beatles Yesterday and Today

    ABOUT THE EXHIBIT IN OUR LIVES was designed in the Fall 2018 offering of Donna’s “World of The Beatles” course. Participating students studied her materials–donated in Donna’s name to the Rita Benton Music Library–and worked together to flesh out the different […]

  • UI Libraries announces OpenHawks grant program for Open Educational Resources (OER)

    The University of Iowa Libraries announces OpenHawks, a campus-wide grant program that funds faculty efforts to adopt or develop Open Educational Resources (OER) for enhanced student success. What are OER? OER (such as textbooks, videos, assessment tools, lab books, research methods, or interactive […]

  • Students Investigate: A Deeper Dive into Ernst Krenek

    The University Orchestra Performs Ernst Krenek, November 17, 1965 by Lisa Mumme   Can works composed in the United States be considered American if they draw on European styles? When does an immigrant – and his art – become American? The November 17, 1965 University Orchestra […]

  • Celebrate Open Education Week!!

    Open Education Week! March 4-8, 2019 UI Libraries has scheduled events throughout Open Education Week!  Open Education Week is a global celebration of the Open Education movement. The Libraries has always supported and provided information and assistance about using free and open resources, […]

  • Scientists Celebrate Earth Day at the Sciences Library!

    Join us at the Sciences Library on Friday, April 26th from 2-4:30 pm as we celebrate Earth Day! Explore climate science through hands-on experiments with Dr. Stone’s chemistry research group, the Iowa City Science Booster Club, and Earth & Environmental scientists! Did you ever […]

  • Public Engagement with a Digital Twist

    My PDH certificate capstone project isn’t like most. I’m not building an interactive map or an archive, and I’m not learning R (thank goodness). Rather, I’m using WordPress as a tool to increase audience and add permanence to what would otherwise be a small, ephemeral […]

  • Nancy Kraft travels to Berlin for ISO meeting

    Nancy Kraft, Head of Preservation & Conservation, recently traveled to Berlin for an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) meeting. The meeting was one of many work sessions to draft and publish a new international standard for emergency preparedness and response plans. The […]

  • Printing @Hardin Library | Yes we have color printing!

    Hardin Library printing and public computers are provided by ITS. Color printing is available from ALL public computers.  Simply select ITC-Color as your printer and release the job from the print release station on 3rd Floor or in the Information Commons West. Color printing is 15 cents per […]

  • Iowa City Darwin Day 2019

    Iowa City Darwin Day celebrates science, evolution, and Darwin’s birthday this week! Sharon DeWitte and Ana Duggan will give talks about their research into epidemics and infectious diseases. Jeanne Serb will speak about the evolution of vision in animals, and Nicholas Strausfeld will […]

  • Activists in the Archives: Connecting High School Students with Local LGBTQ History

    Guest post by Dr. Heather Cooper, Visiting Assistant Professor in History and Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies During LGBTQ History Month in October 2018, I worked with the Iowa Women’s Archives and University Special Collections to organize an archives visit for students from […]

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