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Dada collection grows

The following is written by Tim Shipe, curator of the International Dada Archive Two recent acquisitions by the International Dada Archive illustrate the diversity of Dada and its connection with the developing Central and Eastern European Constructivist movement of the 1920s. Veshch Gegenstand Objet With its trilingual title and multilingual content, Veshch Gegenstand Objet is,Continue reading “Dada collection grows”

Olson Graduate Assistant Acquisitions Project

Olson Graduate Assistant Acquisitions Project Every year, Special Collections hosts two Olson Graduate Assistants who have chosen to specialize in the field of Special Collections Librarianship or Archives for a two-year assistantship. These prestigious positions supplement knowledge gained in the classroom with experience gained from real-world application, balancing theory with practice. The H. John andContinue reading “Olson Graduate Assistant Acquisitions Project”

New Acquisition: The Battle Creek System of Health Training

By Jacque Roethler The Battle Creek Sanitarium was opened in 1866 by John Harvey Kellogg and his brother W. K. Kellogg, promoting health through a regimen of dietetics, exercise, hydrotherapy, phototherapy, thermotherapy, electotherapy, mechanotherapy, and enemas. They were joined in this enterprise by C.W. Post. In some areas they were ahead of their time, suchContinue reading “New Acquisition: The Battle Creek System of Health Training”

1878 Dante: Smallest Movable Type

This is the first of a long string of announcements of new acquisitions that we will be announcing, so follow our blog to hear all the latest! Tiny is the only word to describe this 58mm volume La divina commedia di Dante.  This is the second smallest edition of Dante ever printed and is notableContinue reading “1878 Dante: Smallest Movable Type”