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Creative Kick-Start Funding Kicks Off!

It’s time for our annual Creative Kick-Start program! This program, created by the Engineering Library and the Engineering Technology Center, enables students to develop their ideas into viable products. Funds are generously provided by the Engineering Technology Center.

All Engineering students (both undergraduate and graduate) can submit their ideas for the program. Up to 10 projects will be invited to participate in the program and will receive $500 in funding. This award may only be used in the Engineering Technology Center for materials, tools, and labor. Any funds that are unused will be returned to the program.

So how do you get started?

  1. Think of a problem you want to solve. Do you want to improve the design of a tool you use a lot? Have a solution for the most annoying part of your day? The timeline for the program is approximately 3 months, so think big, but keep things in perspective. 
  2. Find a faculty or staff member to sign on to your project. All projects must have one.
  3. Fill out the application (Due October 29th) and tell us a little bit about your project.
  4. Wait to hear! Our Application Review Committee will evaluate your application and choose up to 10 projects.

Participants will take part in a workshop to help them get started and to receive their Creative Kick-Start RedBoxes. These boxes contain everything the participants need for the program, including timelines for reports, a contacts sheet for the supporting partners, and the funding card that they will use in the Engineering Electronics Shop and Machine Shop. Students will present their projects at the College of Engineering Annual Research Open House.

Applications are due October 29th, so start putting together your proposal now! Do you have an idea you want to submit? Visit the project homepage for more information and to see past participants. If you have any questions, reach out to the Engineering Library. Call us at 319-335-6047, text us at 319-250-2176, email us at, or just come in and ask.