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Study in the Stacks

We’re coming to the end of the semester, which means that you might be looking for a new place to study. We have several options here for you!

Need to get that group project done? Come on in! You may be surprised to know that you don’t need to be silent in the library. Come in any time during our open hours, and you can use any of our spaces. On our main floor you can stop in and use our tables or computers anytime – no reservation needed! 

If you need a little more privacy for solo or group work, you can reserve one of our two Pods. You can fit 4-5 people in each room, and easily share content from your phone or computer onto the screen with the Solstice device (details on how to do that are in that link). Last year, our Pods were reserved 1,606 times! 

If independent quiet study is more your style, head downstairs where you will find several options. You can study at a  desk (also known as a carrel), in front of an “aquarium” or “fireplace,” in a comfy chair or beanbag. 

The Creative Space is also a fantastic place to study, but we’ll take an up-close look at that tomorrow!