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Cards from Christmases Past

By Christine Vivian, SLIS student and IWA student assistant   One of the lovely surprises of The Iowa Women’s Archives is the number of collections which contain holiday cards, such as the Shirley Briggs Papers. Briggs, an artist and naturalist, created a new hand-drawn card every year for over 50 years. Receiving one of theseContinue reading “Cards from Christmases Past”

Shirley Briggs and the Iowa Connection to “Silent Spring”

  Fifty years ago, Rachel Carson published “Silent Spring,” a lyrical and compelling book about how DDT and other pesticides were damaging the environment and human health. The book called for a change in the way humankind viewed the natural world and became an inspiration for the environmental movement. One of Carson’s staunchest advocates andContinue reading “Shirley Briggs and the Iowa Connection to “Silent Spring””