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New Learn & Create Xpress Classes!!!

We have joined with the Engineering Technology Centers to present a new series of classes!! The Learn & Create Xpress Classes will cover a variety of topics and are scheduled for Thursday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. in the Engineering Library Creative Space. The classes are half an hour long and are limited to 20 participants. Click on the link to register!

This week, 2/1/2018, Cliff Curry from the Engineering Electronic Shop will be presenting Printing Circuit Boards: Testing (Part 2). This session is a follow-up to last week’s session and will go into detail about special problems and challenges for circuit boards, including testing.

Check out the schedule for the rest of the Learn & Create Xpress Classes:

2/8/2018: Creating Citations with EndNote. Marina Zhang from the Lichtenberger Engineering Library will be presenting on how you can use EndNote in your next paper or project. EndNote is a bibliographic management tool for collecting, organizing, sharing, and formatting citations.

2/15/2018: Oscilloscope Basics. An oscilloscope allows for the observation of varying signal voltages. We have one available to check out in our Tool Library. Diem Nguyen and John Kostman from the Engineering Electronic Shop will be the presenters.

2/22/2018: Patents & Standards: The University of Iowa Libraries provides electronic access to several sources of patents and standards from around the world. Kari Kozak, Lichtenberger Engineering Library, will present the various resources that can be accessed on and off campus.

3/1/2018: Multimeter Basics: The multimeter is a tool used for measuring voltage, current, and resistance. We have one here in the Tool Library and it is available for you to check out. Diem Nguyen, Engineering Electronic Shop, will help you learn to troubleshoot electrical problems!

3/8/2018: Collect & Analyze Data Using LabQuest Devices. The Tool Library includes LabQuest Devices and a wide range of sensors to use with the LabQuest. These LabQuest devices allow for collecting and analyzing data – with a nearly endless number of possibilities! This course, presented by John Kostman, Engineering Electronic Shop, will provide an overview of what the Tool Library has and instruction on how to use it.

3/22/2018: MATLAB.  MATLAB combines a desktop environment tuned for iterative analysis and design processes with a programming language that expresses matrix and array mathematics directly. Learn what is possible with this software! This class will be presented by Mitchell Moeller.

3/29/2018: Creating a Poster for Presentation. Presenter: Scott Coffel, Hanson Center for Technical Communication.

4/5/2018: Camtasia & Video Creation. Create and edit video tutorials and presentations via screencast using the Camtasia software suite! John Kostman & Diem Nguyen, Engineering Electronic Shop, will help you learn about the software PC World calls “a full-featured education/information video tool.”

4/12/2018: Managing Data with OpenRefine. Presenter: Brian Westra, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences.

4/19/2018: 2D & Vector Design with CorelDRAW. CorelDRAW is a vector graphics editor and image-editing software package.  Learn about power that CorelDRAW gives you to create digital art! Presenters: John Kostman & Diem Nguyen, Engineering Electronic Shop.

Each of these classes are limited to 20 participants – and they are filling up! To register for each class head to the Learn & Create Xpress Classes webpage! Each class has a registration link and the option of being put on a wait list if the class is already full!

Don’t miss out on these free and informative classes – sign up now!