New at the Engineering Library a book about Steel Bridges

Steel bridges : conceptual and structural design of steel and steel-concrete composite bridges / Jean-Paul Lebet, Manfred A. Hirt ; translated from the French by Graham Couchman.

Jean-Paul Lebet

Available at Engineering  Library (TG380 .L43 2013 )

The book is divided in 5 parts.

  • The first part is the a general introduction to bridges and terminology and giving a historic background to steel bridges.
  • The second part considers conceptual design.
  • The third part is dedicated to analysis and design of the structural member of steel and composite bridges.
  • The fourth deals with the peculiarities of other bridges such as railway bridges, bridges for pedestrians and cyclists and arch bridges.
  • The final part contains a numerical example for a composite bridge.
  • The guidance can be extended and applied to other types of structures.¬† The content of this book deals first of all, and in detail, with road bridges, followed by chapters with specifics of railway and bridges for pedestrian and cyclists.