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Learn about the history of the Chia Pets trademark and make your own plant buddy 

While perusing a housewares trade show in San Francisco in 1980, advertising and marketing executive Joseph Pedott stumbled upon some curiously popular gifts: terra cotta planters shaped like rams that could be covered with Salvia hispanica (also known as “chia”) seeds. Pedott reached out to the inventor, Walter Houston, and purchased the rights. In 1982, he launched his own gadget company, Joseph Enterprises, brought the chia ram to market with the catchy “Ch-ch-ch-chia” jingle, which was later registered as a trademark by Joseph Enterprises in 2005. 

The year 2000 brought the first Chia Pets modeled on licensed intellectual properties including  Looney Toons, Homer Simpson, and Mr. T. While Chia Pets were popular before, the addition of beloved characters made them really take off. Today you can buy a classic Chia Pet, including a cute kitten, or grow a friend shaped like The Child from The Mandalorian, Willie Nelson, Wednesday Addams, and more!  

Create your own plant buddy with us! 

Monday, April 22, 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m., Seamans Center Student Commons 

Celebrate Earth Day and spring with us by building your own chia or cat-grass buddy! Learn how to create your own green “haired” creature and decorate them to match your style. Your buddy should be fully grown just in time to help you with finals! 

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