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ACM open access agreement extended for University of Iowa authors

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Read-and-Publish Agreement for Open Access Continuity

The University of Iowa Libraries is pleased to announce the extension of the Read-and-Publish agreement with the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) for three more years (now effective through Dec. 31, 2026). Through the agreement, all corresponding authors affiliated with the University of Iowa will have their research articles published open access in perpetuity in ACM journals, conference proceedings, and magazines, at no cost to the authors. In addition, the university community will continue to receive unlimited and unrestricted access to all content in the ACM Digital Library.

What should UI corresponding authors consider when assigning publication rights to ACM?

Since ACM already terminated transfer of copyright, authors will retain all rights to their work. UI corresponding authors should choose the “Institutional Paid Open Access/Permissions Release” option. This “Permissions Release” option means that a corresponding author agrees to grant ACM non-exclusive permission to publish their work in the ACM Digital Library and make it open access.

If you embrace the idea of sharing and distributing knowledge, we recommend using a Creative Commons license on the published version of your work. A Creative Commons license enables others to share and use your work provided that attribution is given to you, the author. For more information about a Creative Commons license, check out ACM’s Creative Commons Licensing Options.

How many research articles were made open access by UI corresponding authors from 2021–2023?

A total of 30 articles, including 24 conference proceedings and 6 journal articles, were open access during the period of 2021–2023. Two thirds of these corresponding authors were from computer science, but it’s exciting to see that faculty, students, staff and researchers in education, engineering, business, and geography are more frequently publishing with ACM. All these articles are now showcased within the featured collection of “UI Libraries Support Open Access” in the Iowa Research Online (UI’s institutional repository).

To learn about another open access agreement, this time from the Royal Society of Chemistry, check out this blog post.