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Persson Recognized as Person with Heart & Soul

UI Librarian Dottie Persson was profiled along with dozens of other community members in the Iowa City Press-Citizen’s Heart & Soul publication. She is one who gives all she has to the community. Dottie’s giving nature is not news to the hundreds of students, faculty and staff members she has worked with during her years at theContinue reading “Persson Recognized as Person with Heart & Soul”

Orange for Open Access

The University of Iowa Libraries joins thousands of other academic research libraries worldwide in celebration of Open Access Week, which is now in its fourth year. To draw attention to this important issue facing faculty, students and librarians, we’re turning our website orange in recognition of Open Access. We see this as an opportunity forContinue reading “Orange for Open Access”

Persson and Forys recognized with Benton Award, Oct 5

Earlier this spring, Dottie Persson, Psychology/Education Liaison, and John Forys, Head, Engineering Library, were named as the 2010 recipients of the Arthur Benton Excellence in Reference Services Professional Development Award. Please join us at a reception honoring Dottie and John: Tuesday, October 5th, 20103:30 – 4:30 p.m.North Exhibition Hall, Main Library The Benton Award isContinue reading “Persson and Forys recognized with Benton Award, Oct 5”

Welcoming Walls Project

The “Welcoming Walls” project was designed to beautify and make more welcoming the public space in the Main Library. The project was funded through grants from the Office of the Provost and funds from the Friends of the University of Iowa Libraries. The art work is displayed at the following locations: If you have anyContinue reading “Welcoming Walls Project”

Love Your Librarian? Nominate Him/Her Before Sept 20

Librarians in our nation’s 123,000 libraries make a difference in the lives of millions of people every day.  If a librarian has made a difference in your life, now is the chance to tell your story. The Carnegie Corporation of New York/New York Times I Love My Librarian Award encourages library users to recognize theContinue reading “Love Your Librarian? Nominate Him/Her Before Sept 20”

Your Librarian at the University of Iowa

With over 100,000 books, 45,000 newspapers, and 100,000 government documents published in the US each year, in addition to the 27 million sites on the Internet, you know the information you need has to be out there. Now, if you only knew where to start. How about with your librarian? Every student at the UniversityContinue reading “Your Librarian at the University of Iowa”

Need a Job? Find it at the Libraries

Each semester hundreds of students work at the University of Iowa Libraries, and you can too. Flexible Schedules. You can work 7 to 20 hours a week from early morning shifts to late night. Multiple Locations. The UI Libraries has 9 convenient locations across campus, both the east side and west side of the river.Continue reading “Need a Job? Find it at the Libraries”

Media Collection Available at Main Library South Circulation Desk

Now you can check out books, journals AND media materials from one location in the Main Library – the South Circulation Desk. All materials held and equipment available in the former Media Services are available in the new renovated space at the South Circulation Desk, located in the southwest corner of the Main Library’s 1stContinue reading “Media Collection Available at Main Library South Circulation Desk”

Extreme Makeover – Maps Department

An overdue renovation of the Maps Department in the Main Library was completed this summer. The old, worn carpet was replaced with tile. The walls were painted and the collection was re-organized. While this may not seems like a massive undertaking, the key challenge was the temporary relocation of dozens of map cases. Each ofContinue reading “Extreme Makeover – Maps Department”