Your Librarian at the University of Iowa

With over 100,000 books, 45,000 newspapers, and 100,000 government documents published in the US each year, in addition to the 27 million sites on the Internet, you know the information you need has to be out there.

Now, if you only knew where to start. How about with your librarian? Every student at the University of Iowa has a Subject Specialist Librarian.

Always in the know with the most current information, librarians at the University of Iowa can help you find the latest research in your field, help you evaluate information resources you find on the web and help you locate the best answers to your questions.

With graduate degrees in library and information studies, librarians are highly qualified information specialists, using technology, such as databases and the Internet, as just some of the tools of their trade.

With five million volumes, the University of Iowa Libraries may be the largest library you’ve ever used. And it is easy to be unsure of where to start, librarians help you find it. Our librarians help to ensure all people have access to information and the skills to effectively access, use and evaluate information in all formats.

If you are overwhelmed by the avalanche of information, your librarian can help you find it. Your search is easy. You’ll find their unparalleled expertise @ your library.