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‘The man who brought the literary world to Iowa.’

In 2000, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack declared Oct. 12 to be “Paul Engle Day,” in honor of the Iowa-born poet who served as head of the Writer’s Workshop from 1942 to 1977, helping to develop it from an obscure experimental program to an internationally renowned literary center. Featured here is an audio recording from theContinue reading “‘The man who brought the literary world to Iowa.’”

The Big Belch at Yellowstone

Garrison Keillor has written an entertaining piece (search Access World News—U.S. Newspapers for “Keillor” and “Yellowstone”) about the more than 250 earthquakes that have occurred in Yellowstone National Park during the past several days recommending that, if this is the Big One, the view would be safer from a distance—say, Paris.  Although Yellowstone is anContinue reading “The Big Belch at Yellowstone”

“All we are saying … is give peace a chance”.

The lyrics of “Give Peace a Chance” express former Beatle, John Lennon’s (1940-1980) antiwar philosophy.  In commemoration of his birthday on October 9th, the Libraries’ is highlighting resources that provide a documentary history of governments’ attempts to establish peace though negotiations, armistice agreements, and treaties.  Supplementary documents related to peace talks, declassified diplomatic correspondence provideContinue reading ““All we are saying … is give peace a chance”.”

Collection Connection – Congressional Medal of Honor

Norman Borlaug, Iowa native, Nobel Prize winner, founder of the World Food Prize, and recent recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, is credited with saving billions of lives worldwide through his agricultural research as a microbiologist. His early career with the Forest Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture established the foundation for furtherContinue reading “Collection Connection – Congressional Medal of Honor”

Want to know more about… the World Bank?

With Paul Wolfowitz’s resignation as President of the World Bank, the Bank has lately received widespread media attention. It is a good time to note that The University of Iowa Libraries has collected World Bank publications for many years, and also subscribes to a number of databases from the World Bank Group. Among those titlesContinue reading “Want to know more about… the World Bank?”