Art Library Collection Moved to Main Library

The Art Library collection has made its journey across the river from Art Building West to the Main Library. When we learned that Art Building West would not be ready and approved for re-occupancy when previously anticipated (by January, 2010), we decided to move the collection to the Main Library to improve accessibility. Previously anyone wanting materials from the art collection had to make a formal request for the materials to be retrieved. Now students, faculty and other library users will have direct access to the collection.

Art Library and Music Library staff have co-located in room 2006, which is adjacent to the both collections. Library users will also find current journal issues, media and course reserves in Art and Music here.

To reach a member of the Art Library staff, please email ( or call 319-335-3086. To reach a member of the Music Library staff, please email ( or call 319- 335-3086.