The MECCA Exhibit

check out the Engineering Library’s MECCA exhibit an Engineering celebration very popular from the 1920-1970 celebrated with parades, long beard contests, finding and kissing the Blarney stone by upper classman.  The Blarney stone imported from Ireland was lost for 27 years.

Some pictures from parades and events from political statements having to do with the war and thoughts about science with captions like “Science?–HELL NO! Mars is wet.”  To floates that were meant to be fun.

ea0973a_Frontjpg ea0982a_Frontjpg ea0995a_Frontjpg ea0997a_Frontjpg ea1030a_Frontjpg ea1049a_Frontjpg ea1056a_Frontjpg ea1064a_Frontjpg ea1065a_Frontjpg ea1088a_Frontjpg ea1097a_Frontjpg  years and had to be replaced by a facsimile.