New the Hydrological Sciences Journal

Hydrological Sciences Journal

The Hydrological Sciences Journal is the publication of IAHS International Association of Hydrological Sciences.  IAHS is the oldest and foremost international nongovernmental organization which deals with hydrology and water resources.  The Hydrological Sciences Journal is the official journal of IAHS.  The scope of the journal includes:

  • the hydrological cycle on the Earth
  • surface water, groundwater, snow and ice, in all their physical, chemical and biological
    processes, their interrelationships, and their relationships to geographical factors,
    atmospheric processes and climate, and Earth processes including erosion and
  • hydrological extremes and their impacts
  • measurement, mathematical representation and computational aspects of hydrological
  • hydrological aspects of the use and management of water resources and their change
    under the influence of human activity
  • water resources systems, including the planning, engineering, management and
    economic aspects of applied hydrology.

Original papers are welcome all papers submitted to the Journal are peer reviewed by an international panel of Associate Editors and other experts.  More information at: