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Come Celebrate Pi Day with Free Pie!

         Pi symbol

Celebrate Pi Day!
on Thursday, March 14th
at 1:59 – 4:00 pm

In front of the Lichtenberger Engineering Library in the Student Commons.


There will be FREE apple pie bites, lemonade, and coffee as well as a trivia competitions every 15 minutes.

Pi, Greek letter, is the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi Day is celebrated by math enthusiasts around the world on March 14th. Pi = 3.1415926535…. Pi is used in many different fields and can be seen in our everyday lives. It may be seen in art, structural design, body mobility, navigation, and probability. To celebrate the versatility of this number, the Lichtenberger Engineering Library and the College of Engineering have joined together to bring you free pie bites. Join us for this fun event!

3/14 is also Albert Einstein’s birthday!