New at the Engineering Library a book about Steel Bridges

Steel bridges : conceptual and structural design of steel and steel-concrete composite bridges / Jean-Paul Lebet, Manfred A. Hirt ; translated from the French by Graham Couchman.

Jean-Paul Lebet

Available at Engineering  Library (TG380 .L43 2013 )

The book is divided in 5 parts.

  • The first part is the a general introduction to bridges and terminology and giving a historic background to steel bridges.
  • The second part considers conceptual design.
  • The third part is dedicated to analysis and design of the structural member of steel and composite bridges.
  • The fourth deals with the peculiarities of other bridges such as railway bridges, bridges for pedestrians and cyclists and arch bridges.
  • The final part contains a numerical example for a composite bridge.
  • The guidance can be extended and applied to other types of structures.  The content of this book deals first of all, and in detail, with road bridges, followed by chapters with specifics of railway and bridges for pedestrian and cyclists.

Available at Engineering Library

Earlier this year we brought you a blog about a team of Dutch students, here it is again and with it a book that you will find at the Engineering Library on the systematic development of  highly efficient and clean vehicles look it up the call number is at the bottom of the page.

you might be interested a team of Dutch students designed a family car that produces more solar energy than it uses. It feeds the rest back into the grid!

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Researchers Give Pilot Sight in Storms!

Last January, a medical helicopter flying from Mason City to Emmettsburg crashed in a field, killing all three of the people on board; the pilot reported encountering ice and snow just before that crash.

Now, researchers at the University of Iowa and engineers at Rockwell Collins are working on new technology to keep pilots and crew safe in those kinds of low visibility situations.

There are many books on Aerodynamics at the Engineering Library that you might find of interest here are a list of a few: