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Special Collections News & Updates 2/2/2017

Students designing for Codex Conquest

News of Interest:



Andrei Codrescu










Documenting Dada Disseminating Dada exhibition



Amy is working with Serina Sulentic to allow her graphic design students create printable and boxed versions of Codex Conquest: The Game of Book History, which is currently being developed and tested.

The Instruction Program is gearing up for the spring: we’ve already booked 77 classes!

If you have any plans to bring a class in this semester contact us ASAP about availability.


You can use this form:


Staff Publications, Activities, and Awards:

Image of Tim ShipeTimothy Shipe, curator of the International Dada Archives has two new publications:

“Hugo Ball.” (in The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism)

“A Century of Documenting Dada: From Coupures de presse to ‘Dadabase’”. In Caietele avangardei, no. 8 (2016).


University Archivist David McCartney wrote the cover story in this month’s Archival Outlook called, “Archival Bonds, Love and Friendship in the Archives.”




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