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Recycle it in the Main Library

Papers, bottles and boxes are cluttering our landfills, when we can easily divert those used materials to a new life by recycling them. With this in mind, 20 large recycling bins were placed throughout the five floors of the Main Library this summer. In addition to providing locations to recycle redeemable cans and bottles, and waste that should go to the landfill; these recycling bins compliment the UI Office of Sustainability efforts at Single-Stream Recycling.

Acceptable Materials

  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Magazines / Catalogs /  Phone Books
  • Newspapers and Inserts
  • Office Paper (Shredded / UnShredded)
    • All White, Colored, and Coated Papers
    • Brochures and Pamphlets
    • Correspondence Papers (Letterhead, Direct Mail Pieces and Advertising)
    • Envelopes (With Plastic Windows or  Labels)
    • Folders (Manila, Coated, or Colored) Manuals with Glued Bindings
    • Paper from Legal Pads, Steno Note Pads
    • Posters / Receipts
    • Scratch, Message, and Memo Pads / Self-Adhesive Notes
    • Soft-Covered Books / Paperback Books
  • Boxboard / Chipboard / Brown Paper Bags
    • Cereal Boxes / Pop Boxes
    • Frozen Food Boxes
  • Plastic Containers #1 through #7 (Except Styrofoam)
    • Plastic Bottles
    • Plastic Food Containers, Yogurt  Containers (Rinsed Out)
  • Aluminum Beverage Containers
  • Steel Food and Beverage Containers
    • Soup and Food Tin Cans