Graduating in August? Services impacted by graduation

Congratulations on your graduation!  Library and Information Technology Services change after you graduate.

  1. Library materials – Please return any items you have checked out.  If you will be employed by The University or continuing to attend classes, you may re-check out the materials.  If you are no-longer affiliated with The University, but would like to check out materials, you may apply for a Community Borrower’s Permit.  If you already left Iowa City, you may return the materials via insured and tracked shipping to: Hardin Library Returns, 600 Newton Road, Iowa City, IA 52240.
  2. Access to Library Databases/Electronic Resources – You will lose remote access to library resources after you graduate due to licensing agreements.  If you remain in Iowa City, you may use any of our resources by coming in to the library.  You will need a passport or state-issued photo ID in order to get a computer access pass.  If you are employed by The University of Iowa or register for classes, you will retain remote access with a valid HawkID and password.
  3. MyUI can be accessed after graduation with a valid HawkID and password.  More information.
  4. Office 365 email will end two years after graduation.  More information.
  5. Files@Iowa and H:  Home Drive access ends shortly after graduation.   Save/move important files before your access is discontinued. More information.
  6. UI Anywhere Virtual Private Network access ends immediately upon graduation.
  7. Have a question?  Contact us and we will be happy to help.  **We can’t send articles to people not-affiliated with UI.**
  8. Need a journal article you no longer have access to?  You can request a copy of any article owned by UI for $10-20.  Your local public library may also provide this service to you at no charge.


picture of iowa one card ID with photo of man and name Cardy Card

How can I check out books? | Library cards

If you are affiliated with The University of Iowa, your student or staff card IS also your library card.
Show any of the following at the Hardin Library in order to check out materials:

picture of iowa one card ID with photo of man and name Cardy Card

  • Iowa One Card
  • UI Healthcare Badge
  • Dental School photo ID
  • Drivers license, State-Issued photo ID, Passport

If you are not affiliated with The University of Iowa, you still have options!  If you are a resident of the State of Iowa or an employee at the Iowa City VA Hospital, you may apply for a borrower’s permit.  Apply for a permit at the desk.  A state-issued photo ID, drivers license or passport is required.  Not all materials may be checked out with borrower’s permits.

Anyone can use Hardin Library’s materials within the library when the library is open.