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4th of July Holiday Information | Library closed Tuesday, July 4 for holiday

The Hardin Library will be closed on July 4 for the national holiday.  The 24 hour study will be available for those with access.  The library will close at 6pm on Monday, July 3 but be open regular summer hours the rest of the week.

The Iowa City Jazz Festival  (free) begins Friday afternoon and runs through Sunday, July 2.  Downtown streets and bus routes will be affected by the Jazz Festival.

Iowa City will display fireworks on Sunday, July 2  near the Old Capital Building downtown.

Coralville celebrates 4thFest, with most activities and a fireworks display on Tuesday, July 4.

View some biological fireworks from the NIH.

picture of fireworks

photo by ericspaete at




Hardin One Button Studio reopened

Hardin’s One Button Studio has a new camera and is now fully useable!

Main Library’s One Button Studio is still closed for reconfiguration.  We anticipate Main Library’s Studio will reopen after July 4th.




Get started with systematic reviews | Workshops Wednesdays June 20 & 28th 12pm-1pm

Are you interested in conducting a systematic review? We have two workshops to help you get started.

Step one-
Systematic Reviews: Nuts and Bolts of a Systematic Review

picture of Jennifer Deberg

Jennifer Deberg, User Services Librarian, Adjunct Faculty, College of Nursing

This class provides a framework for developing a literature search for a systematic review, including:

    • standards and criteria to consider
    • establishing a plan
    • registering a protocol,
    • developing a research question,
    • determining where to search
    • identifying search terms
    • reporting search strategies, and managing references.

Wednesday, June 12, 12-1pm,  Information Commons East, 2nd Floor, Hardin Library

Step two-

Systematic Reviews: Literature Searching for the Health Sciences

This class focuses on tips and techniques for carrying out a successful literature search in support of a health sciences systematic review. Topics include

    • techniques for developing search strategies
    • deciding which databases to search
    • how to seek out grey literature for a given topic
    • selecting journals for hand searching, documenting search strategies
    • saving and organizing references.

Wednesday, June 28, 12-1pm, Information Commons East, 2nd Floor, Hardin Library

Sign up for these workshops or request personal appointments online.

By Centre for Health Communication and Participation La Trobe University, Australasian Cochrane Centre [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Centre for Health Communication and Participation La Trobe University, Australasian Cochrane Centre [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa-sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program please call Janna Lawrence at 319-335-9871.


Phishing Scams Emails Look Like They are From Library | Don’t Get Caught!

The UI Libraries will never ask a user to verify HawkID and password via email.  If you received an email from the libraries that asked you to log in and verify your account, this is a scam.  Do not click!

If you received an email, clicked the link and logged in, your HawkID account could be compromised.  Please contact your department IT staff or call ITS at 319-384-4257 or email as soon as possible.

This is a copy of a scam phishing email that was sent to health science users:

On May 29, 2017, at 16:47, Library Services <> wrote:


Dear Library Member,

Your access to your library account is expiring soon due to inactivity. To continue to have access to the library services, you must reactivate your account.
For this purpose, click the web address below! or copy and paste it into your web browser. A successful login will activate your account and you will be redirected to your library profile. (source URL changed so it just goes to our true login page and not hackers)

If you are not able to login, please contact Sarah Miller at for immediate assistance.


Sarah Miller
The University of Iowa Libraries
100 Main Library (LIB)
Iowa City, IA 52242-1420
T: (319)335-5299

explanation of phishing

—–longer explanation—–
In the last several weeks, the UI campus has been a target of many phishing scams that try to steal a user’s HawkID password. A number of those phishing scams have been emails that are made to appear as though they are coming from the library and inform users that their library account is expiring due to inactivity. The scam then goes on to tell the user that they need to successfully login in order to reactivate their account.

If a user clicks on the link they are directed to a page that looks like our proxy login page but is not. Then once the user signs on, their HawkID and password are compromised and they are then just directed to our proxy page as if the login just didn’t work.

With the compromised password, hackers then have access to library resources via the proxy server. From there, they have been systematically downloading journal articles from various vendors. If not caught right away, some vendors have cut off access to their resources from our proxy server until we can identify the compromised account and address it. Because of this the UI Libraries has become more proactive at trying to identify compromised accounts before proxy access is denied by the vendors. We are encountering compromised HawkIDs that are using the proxy server almost on a daily basis. So, as a reminder, the UI Libraries will never ask for a user to verify their HawkID and password via an email.








Hardin Adds Gender Neutral/Single-User Restroom

A single-user, gender-neutral restroom is now available on the 3rd floor of Hardin Library.  It also includes a baby changing station.  The new restroom is just around the corner from the elevator, in Room 309. Previously, this had been a staff-only restroom, so the transition to a public restroom required only changing the locks, adding signage, and installing the changing table.

A listing of all single-user, gender-neutral restrooms on campus can be found at