100 Years of Girl Scouting!

Girl Scout reading room exhibit

We created a small display of Girl Scout memorabilia from Iowa Women’s Archives collections. Did you attend Girl Scout Camp? What is your favorite memory? Come see our display or type a memory here.

One thought on “100 Years of Girl Scouting!

  1. I attended camp Conestoga in roughly 1988. They appear to still be there! http://www.gseiwi.org/program/cc.asp
    This is from memory and it’s not quite the same when it isn’t sung, but, here goes:

    Conestoga we take off our hats to you.
    To [name] and [name] and all the counselors too.
    We always have such fun
    When the week is over seems it’s hardly begun.
    Oh we hike and we swim and we EAT A LOT
    and we never compain for what we haven’t got.
    Surely pass the test
    For the camp we love the best
    You’ll always be our girl scout camp
    Our camp Conestoga.

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