Bicycles: Machines that changed the course of history

The word bicycle is from the Latin, bis, twice and the Greek, Kyclos, circle.  This fashionable mode of transport was denounced by a Baltimore preacher in 1896 as a “diabolical device of the demon of darkness”.  His reason for condemnation was not on the perfectly justifiable grounds that the word is an ugly Latin-Greek hybrid (etymological purist would only ride a dicycle) but simply because too many of his parishioners were lured away from church on pleasant Sunday afternoons by the temptation of a bike ride.  Perhaps because they are aware of the potential corrupting danger to moral standards, British Columbia has imposed a 10 mph limit for tricycles.

There are many books in the engineering library on bicycles here are a few of them:  Build your own electric bicyle; The bicycling guide to complete bicycle maintenance & repair : for road & mountain bikesCyclepedia : a century of iconic bicycle design; Fifty machines that changed the course of history.

As winter turns to spring happy cycling!

MECCA Celebration

MECCA Picture Frame

Did you know? There is a MECCA exhibit at the Engineering Library celebrating the different colleges within the engineering department. MECCA was very popular around 1910-1970. It featured activities like the long beard competition, parade, and hunt for a green stone called the Blarney Stone. Stop by the library to learn more!

Eiffel Tower Day

Did you know?  March 30th is Eiffel Tower Day. Here are some facts about the Eiffel Tower: that you might find interesting. The facts contain construction facts, Eiffel Tower Height, area, weight, tower steps and elevators and much more.

Eiffel’s tower : and the World’s Fair where Buffalo Bill beguiled Paris, the artists quarreled, and Thomas Edison became a count / Jill Jonnes. — New York, N.Y. : Viking, 354 p. : ill., map ; 25 cm. (10051350)

Engineering Library T803.D6 E54 2009

Building the world : an encyclopedia of the great engineering projects in history / [compiled by] Frank P. Davidson and Kathleen Lusk Brooke. — Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2006  2 v. (xxiii, 937 p.) : ill., map ; 27 cm.  Table of contents —  Engineering Library T56 .B85 2006