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Fourth Annual Shakespeare Livestream – TOMORROW (Wednesday 4/26) 11AM-1PM

Image of William Shakespeare

FOURTH Annual Shakespeare Livestream
Tune in live Wednesday April 26, 11:00am-1:00pm CST [Central time in the USA is GMT -5:00]

We’re back! Celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday week by joining us – live on the internet! – for our FOURTH annual Shakespeare’s Death Anniversary & Birthday Week Commemoration Livestream, featuring University of Iowa Shakespeare professor Adam Hooks, alongside Colleen Theisen, Special Collections Outreach & Engagement Librarian.

Colleen and AdamNow is your chance to Ask a Shakespeare Scholar anything about Shakespeare, about being a Shakespeare scholar, and maybe even about your least favorite Shakespeare plays. We will also have a selection of historic, unusual, beautiful, and forged editions of Shakespeare’s works from Special Collections which we’ll be showing and telling stories about LIVE!

Use the hashtag #shxlive to ask a question, or type one here in the comments, or tune in live to ask a question. The event will be added to the UISpecColl YouTube channel as a video after the completion of the event. (See past livestreams).


Tune in here:

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Outreach and Instruction Librarian. Lover of coffee, as well as 19th century photography, painting, tourism and print.

One thought on “Fourth Annual Shakespeare Livestream – TOMORROW (Wednesday 4/26) 11AM-1PM

  1. Hi, Iowa Shakes! Love the stream! I’m curious about the history of Shakespeare books. This first folio is so impressive. So are there Shakespeare books that didn’t survive? How do we know about them? And what should we do with 400 year old books that are falling apart?

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