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Virtual new book display – Jan. 15, 2024

The Resurrection

Victor Zulu has to take control of the family-owned club in which both his father and brother were killed. Will he be next? He’ll have to watch his back with gangsters coveting the club as a place to push drugs. Meanwhile, his brother’s best friend, Fana, wants to buy the club from the Zulus – but with what money? And then there’s Busie, his brother’s widow whom Victor secretly loves, but even she seems to have secrets. A thrilling tale of mystery and suspense, danger and daring.

Standing Heavy

The 1960s – Ferdinand arrives in Paris from Côte d’Ivoire, ready to take on the world and become a big somebody.

The 1990s – It is the Golden Age of immigration, and Ossiri and Kassoum navigate a Paris on the brink of momentous change.

The 2010s – In a Sephora on the Champs-Élysées, the all-seeing eyes of a security guard observes the habits of those who come to worship at this church to consumerism.

Amidst the political bickering of the inhabitants of the Residence for Students from Côte d’Ivoire and the ever-changing landscape of French immigration policy, Ferdinand, Ossiri and Kassoum, two generations of Ivoirians, attempt to make their way as undocumented workers, taking shifts as security at a flour mill.

Sharply satirical, political and poignant, Standing Heavy is a searingly witty deconstruction of colonial legacies and capitalist consumption, an unprecedented and unforgettable account of everything that passes under a security guard’s gaze.

Translated from the French by Frank Wynne


There are ruined things in the town of New Dutchess, New Jersey. A hotel that was never finished; a train line that never came. This is the town that Åsa Morgan thought she’d leave behind; this is the town Virgil Carey couldn’t leave. It’s the town where Dean Polis first started writing songs, and the town where something awful fell from a building one day. It’s where the band Alphanumeric Murders got their start, and where a series of tape recordings reveal the troubled history of the band and the lives of its members.

Ex-Members is a novel about punk scenes, old secrets, and hometowns that stalk us and break our hearts despite our best efforts to escape.

The Beads of Slavery

The Beads of Slavery is a fiction story about twins who were separated at birth grew up in different societies with diverse culture, their destiny of uniting two communities had them fall in love with the same man.

Simultaneities and Lyric Chemisms

A vital reconstruction of Italian Futurist poet Ardengo Soffici’s visual poetics, presented for the first time in English in Olivia E. Sears’s exacting translations.

With a foreword by Marjorie Perloff

With unexpected lyricism, buzzing between the entropic and the erotic, Soffici’s unrelenting poems manifest his milieu’s fascination with the metropolis. Guillaume Apollinaire called it “very important work, rich in fresh beauties.” This facsimile-style edition–with a foreword by Marjorie Perloff, helpful annotations, and an informative afterword by the translator–offers a glimpse into the vibrant early avant-garde, when modernity held tremendous promise.

Niger Delta Command

This is the first work of fiction based on the struggle of the Ogoni ethnic nationality. It is set in Bukhana. Niger Delta Command tells the story of betrayals, lies and jealousy that imploded the struggle of the Bukhana kingdom, an oil-producing tribe. The author uses suspense and flash-backs to recall how the mass movement was built, how indigenous ideologies transformed into a movement of international repute. How local people destabilized a nation-state, Ngana Federation and the major oil firm, Deep Oil.

The story is built around Patrick Deebom, a young activist groomed for a dangerous mission by his Uncle; who uses his connections in the force to set up a militia group. Navy Captain JJ Martins-Yellow and his friends are determined to free Prof. Benaale Saro Bunaale detained in military cells. Thus, they formed the Niger Delta High Command (NDHC), mobilized resources for media war against the government, stole weapons to attack oil installations, and infiltrate government security networks.

Good Actors

Sommer Browning’s third poetry collection

At birth we are given a role–it is our name. Good Actors is a side-eyed illumination of the artist as self-help guru, oracle, and sage, but more importantly as mother, lover, and friend. Part psychological experiment, part conceptual art piece, part screenplay, Good Actors is 100% a joyful celebration of language and life. And because it is Sommer, the book is hilarious, melancholy, and existential.

Relations: An Anthology of African and Diaspora Voices

Fresh and electrifying—stories, poems, and essays by African and diaspora writers, edited by author Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond.

Relations punctures the human illusion of separation. New and established storytellers reshape the narratives that divide and subjugate, revealing the truth of our shared humanity despite differences in language, identity, class, gender, and beyond. This vital anthology is Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond’s striking vision of a meeting place of perspectives, centered in the African and diaspora experience.

In a post-Black Panther world, it is an urgent and welcome embrace of the diversity of Blackness. A refreshing collection of genre-spanning literature, it offers a vibrant meditation on being—inviting connection across real and imagined borders, and celebration of the most profound relations.

A Dead Name That Learned How To Live

An honest lyric, a mighty harpoon straight from the heart, Golden’s debut collection, A Dead Name That Learned How to Live, weaves poems, family photographs, & self-portraits to share a journey of survival & living in the American south. Exploring themes of loss & legacy, nation & love language, forgiveness & fortitude, Blackness & being, Golden continually asks–What shifts within & around us when we choose to name ourselves & our kin here–our tragedy & triumphs, our human failures & feelings, our desires to be free?

Released on their parents’ 30th wedding anniversary (August 29th, 2022) as a dedicated love letter & living archive, this debut is an awe & ode towards southern Virginia & Eastern Shore Maryland, Black family pasts, presents, & futures, to Black queer beginnings & belongings outside and within the family home.