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Flooring Project in Main Library

Work to remove the carpeting in front of the cafe and the alcove seating area between the entrance and exit at the south end starts this Friday. The first step will be to remove existing carpet and seal off the area(s) so prep work can begin.

During this two week project neither staff nor public will be allowed access through the area. The Food for Thought will be closed.  The freight elevator will be available only to the contractor.  The other south elevator (west side) is to be programmed to not stop on first floor.

The old carpet will be replaced by a hard surfaced terrazzo, one which will blend nicely with the flooring adjacent to these spaces.  This work will improve the appearance of the area and make it easier to maintain.

Dust from the grinding/polishing will be contained within the sealed off space and odor should be kept to a minimum. There will be some noise associated with the grinding/polishing part of the project. Certainly, there will be other inconveniences and so thank you for your understanding.