With Love from the Libraries – Winners Announced!

How does Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet compare to Speech and Language Pathology or even Psychology? A couple of UI graduate students were able to make the case for the With Love from the Libraries contest.

Patricia Grieg, a graduate student in Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology compared the communication breakdowns between Romeo and Juliet and their families and the communication difficulties of stroke patients suffering from aphasia. For her entry, Patricia won first prize – two tickets to dinner and a performance of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra at Hancher.

Rose Halterman, a psychology graduate student, re-casted Act II, Scene II of Romeo & Juliet to tell the story of how she found a particularly important book for research. As the runner-up, Rose won two tickets to the performance at Hancher.

Congratulations to Patricia and Rose and all the other students who submitted entries.