picture of Mirko von Elstermann

Meet the Expert: Mirko von Elstermann, Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences Librarian

picture of Mirko von Elstermann
Mirko von Elstermann

Mirko von Elstermann, Biomedical Sciences Librarian

Ph.D., Physiology
M.Sc., Biology
M.A., Philosophy (all from the University of Cologne, Germany)
M.A.S., Library & Information Sciences (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
Three years biomedical publishing experience

Areas of expertise:

    • Project consultation, teaching and training
    • Literature and information searching in biomedicine
    • Impact of research and researchers
    • Biomedical publishing trends; understanding and writing publications
    • NCBI bioinformatics tools
    • Research integrity–replicability & reproducibility
    • Tools for keeping current

His interests in biomedicine include metabolism research, cancer biology, and neuroscience.
@biomedrevon is his Twitter account about publications in biomedicine.

Outside the sciences and the library:
Mirko enjoys music and reading, swimming and walking.  Before arriving here, he lived in some non-U.S. countries, most recently for more than two years in Peru.  In Iowa City he lives with his Peruvian wife and their daughter.

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Brittney Thomas, MLIS | All of Us Manager

picture of Brittney Thomas on white background
Brittney Thomas, MLIS

Meet Brittney Thomas, Manager for the NNLM All of Us Coordinating Center. Brittney  joined the Greater Midwest Region of the National Network of the Libraries of Medicine in November and has spent the last few weeks learning as much as she can about health librarianship.

In her new role, Brittney will be coordinating outreach and engagement efforts to targeted communities in collaboration with the 8 Regional Medial Libraries on genetics and precision medicine. She’s currently using Jacqueline’s workspace while she waits for her own to be created.

Prior to joining the All of Us National project Brittney worked at the Main Library as the Learning Commons Coordinator where she oversaw programming and outreach, facilities and technology maintenance, marketing, faculty and student support, and much, much more!

Brittney received a Masters in Library and Information Science from The University of Iowa and has a B.A. in Art & Design from Iowa State University.  Welcome Brittney!

picture of Jen DeBerg

Meet The Expert: Jen DeBerg, Reference Services Librarian

Jen DeBerg, Reference Services Librarian

Master of Library Science, Emporia State University

picture of Jen DeBerg
Jennifer DeBerg, Reference Services Librarian

Bachelor of Science, Occupational Therapy, Elizabethtown College

Areas of expertise:

  • Adjunct Lecturer, College of Nursing
  • Health sciences literature searching
  • Systematic reviews
  • EndNote
  • Teaching and training users
  • Finding evidence-based resources
  • Arthur Benton Excellence in Reference Services award winner

Outside the library:
Jen lives in Iowa City with her family: husband and 2 sons, aged 12 and 9.  She enjoys music, reading, swimming, hiking, ice skating, snowboarding and watching all sports.


Librarian Activities at Midwest Chapter of Medical Library Association Annual Meeting 2017

The Midwest Chapter of The Medical Library Association (MLA) and Michigan Health Science Library Association joint annual conference is in Yipsilanti, Michigan this year.  Our librarians are going to be busy!

Heather Healy, Clinical Education Librarian and Mahrya Carncross, Scholarly Communications Librarian for UI Libraries will present Picture This! Teaching Ethical Use of Health Sciences Images, about updating the Images in the Health Sciences guide after the retirement of Hardin MD, lessons learned, and results from teaching with it.

Matt Regan, Clinical Education Librarian, will present A Shot in the arm: fortifying an anemic institutional repository with faculty publication records. 

Jen Deberg, User Services Librarian, Matt Regan, and Heather Healy will Clinical Education Librarian, will present a poster Pure Collaboration: Supporting EndNote Sharing Options.

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Greater Midwest Region (NNLM/GMR)  located at Hardin Library will be sponsoring an Advanced PubMed program.

Darlene Kaskie, Outreach Specialist NNLM/GMR, will present Getting Started with Community Outreach.

Jacqueline Leskovic, NNLM/GMR, will host the GMR Technology Topic on Virtual Reality.

Linda Walton, Associate University Librarian and Director of NNLM/GMR and Elizabeth Kiscaden, Associate Director of NNLM/GMR will be presenting GMR Update.

In addition, some of our staff provide service to Midwest MLA.
Janna Lawrence, Deputy Director of Hardin Library, is Midwest MLA Representative to the Medical Library Association Chapter Council and is a member of the Midwest MLA Board.

Elizabeth Kiscaden is chapter treasurer.

Jen Deberg is recording secretary.

Matt Regan is a member of the communications team.

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picture of Janna Lawrence

Meet The Expert: Janna Lawrence, Deputy Director, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences

picture of Janna LawrenceJanna Lawrence, Deputy Director, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences

Master of Library and Information Science, University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Arts, Rhetoric, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Areas of expertise:

    • Health sciences literature searching
    • Trends in health sciences publishing
    • Copyright, fair use, appropriate use of resources
    • Open access publishing
    • Identifying predatory publishers
    • EndNote
    • Teaching and training users
    • Library management
    • Conference planning
    • Library collection management

Outside the library:
Like the stereotypical librarian, Janna has 2 cats, Harley and Alice, and knits. She also loves to bake, and tries to bring baked goods for all Hardin staff members’ birthdays. Her favorite colors are currently pink and grey and her favorite city is San Antonio, where she lived for over 20 years. Janna loves hot weather and tries not to complain too much about winter.



Hardin and GMR Librarians active at Medical Library Association Annual Meeting in Seattle

image of Mount HoodJanna Lawrence, Deputy Director for Hardin

  • Chaired the jury for the Colaianni Award for Excellence and Achievement in Hospital Librarianship
  • Serves on the Continuing Education Committee
  • Serves as Midwest Chapter representative on the Chapter Council
  • Serves on the Communities Strategic Goal Taskforce
  • Secretary/Treasurer of the Public Services Section

Linda Walton, Associate University Librarian, and Elizabeth Kiscaden, Associate Director of GMR  will be attending the Steering Committee meeting for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

Heather Healy will not be attending MLA, but is going to McMaster University for the Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Workshop.

graduation caps flying in air

Congratulations to our Spring 2017 Graduates!

picture of Jennifer Lam-Lu
Jennifer Lam-Lu

Jennifer Lam-Lu is receiving a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, Global Health track.  Jennifer is currently looking for a job in sales or administration but is also considering teaching abroad.  Jennifer liked working in the Hardin Library because of the friendly atmosphere.

photo of Azzah Nasraddin
Azzah Nasraddin

Azzah Nasraddin will be receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work with Honors and University Honors.  Azzah will receive minors in Arabic, Psychology, Global Health and a Certificate of Critical Cultural Competency.  After graduating she will be looking for a job anywhere in the world, and is strongly considering Peace Corps.  Azzah loved helping provide a friendly atmosphere where people study, collaborate, and learn.  She enjoyed special events like finals week popcorn and coffee.

picture of Skyler Gonzalez
Skyler Gonzalez

Skyler Gonzalez will be receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, Media Track and a certificate in Sustainability.  Skyler would like to stay in the Iowa City area and is currently searching for a job in public relations that focuses on sustainability.

picture of Nicole McCubbin
Nicole McCubbin

Nicole (Nikki) McCubbin will be receiving a Master of Arts in Library and Information Science with distinction.  Nikki is currently looking for librarian jobs across the USA.  She is interested in special collections, archives, preservation, collection development, health sciences, law libraries, public or academic libraries.  Nikki also has a law degree and may also look for jobs requiring legal expertise.   Nikki enjoyed working at the reference desk because she likes to discover new information and learn search strategies.  She also liked everyone she worked with and especially working with a broad range of library users and teaching them new skills.

picture of Elana Becker
Elana Becker

Elana Becker will be receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science.  Elana will be working in environmental education and wildlife conservation–saving the planet!  Elana liked working at the Hardin Library because the library is a calm environment and abundant treats were provided.