picture of Mirko von Elstermann

Meet the Expert: Mirko von Elstermann, Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences Librarian

picture of Mirko von Elstermann
Mirko von Elstermann

Mirko von Elstermann, Biomedical Sciences Librarian

Ph.D., Physiology
M.Sc., Biology
M.A., Philosophy (all from the University of Cologne, Germany)
M.A.S., Library & Information Sciences (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
Three years biomedical publishing experience

Areas of expertise:

    • Project consultation, teaching and training
    • Literature and information searching in biomedicine
    • Impact of research and researchers
    • Biomedical publishing trends; understanding and writing publications
    • NCBI bioinformatics tools
    • Research integrity–replicability & reproducibility
    • Tools for keeping current

His interests in biomedicine include metabolism research, cancer biology, and neuroscience.
@biomedrevon is his Twitter account about publications in biomedicine.

Outside the sciences and the library:
Mirko enjoys music and reading, swimming and walking.  Before arriving here, he lived in some non-U.S. countries, most recently for more than two years in Peru.  In Iowa City he lives with his Peruvian wife and their daughter.