Seeing the Picture : Revisited

Since the launching of the Seeing the Picture blog in July, 2008, postings have been added at the rate of about one per week. As the announcement of the blog stated, the general theme is the unique aspects of pictures on the Web, using the background of work with pictures in Hardin MD.

Themes discussed include Google Book Search, digitization efforts in libraries, Google Flu Trends, eBooks, iPhone, thumbnails, and zooming/panning interfaces. The blog has served as a vehicle for discussion of pictures, especially color pictures, in eBooks, including the copyright status of pictures in Google Book Search.

Seeing the Picture (Hardin MD blog)

A new blog — Seeing the Picture — has just been launched, for discussion of issues relating to work on Hardin MD. As the title suggests, much of the discussion will center on the unique aspects of pictures on the Web, and how pictures are being handled in digitization efforts by libraries and other groups, including Google Books.


The first posting, Think Different : Pictures, gives a good overview of the subject. Other postings have been on digitization at NY Public Library, use of the word “pictures” instead of “images,” and Hardin MD Gallery Collections.

Hardin, MLA, & Google combat Salmonella


With the recent outbreak of Salmonella infection, the Hardin MD Salmonella Symptoms page has gotten heavy traffic from Google searches. Much of this traffic has come from people clicking the symptom label assigned by a group of Medical Library Association (MLA) librarians, who are a part of the Google Health Coop project. This is a cooperative effort by Google and medical websites, such as WebMD, AMA, Mayo Clinic, as well as MLA, to make health information more accessible.

Hardin does Good

We recently found these kind words about Hardin Library and Hardin MD in Google Book search, in the book Health information on the Internet, by Rowena Cullen (Univ of Wellington, New Zealand).

Medical Libraries with a Public Good Focus — There are a number of medical school libraries that consciously fill a public good role. The Hardin Library for the Health Sciences at the University of Iowa has a very extensive site, Hardin MD ( The site is well maintained, and it links to some key resources in Spanish, medical illustrations, and hundreds of other medical library sites throughout the world.”

Here’s a Flickr picture of the citation and the page in Google Book search.

  *   *   *   *   *   *

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Pictures from classic medical books in Hardin MD

Many of the pictures in Hardin MD are public-domain, meaning that they are not copyrighted. One useful source for pictures that are not copyrighted is classic medical books that are old enough that their copyright has run out. Hardin MD has pictures from three of these books, described below.

Dermochromes, by Jerome Kingsbury, pictures by Eduard Jacobi, 1914.
This book is in the Hardin Library collection, and images were specially scanned for use on Hardin MD pages. Pictures in Hardin MD are on Leprosy, Ringworm, and Lupus (the picture to the left). These realistic pictures were made in Germany using an unusual wax modeling technique.

  *   *   *   *   *   * 

Thomas Addison’s book containing the first description of Addison’s Disease, 1855
This book is in the Hardin Library John Martin Rare Book Room, and images were scanned for placement in the University of Iowa Digital Library. They are also on Hardin MD pages.

  *   *   *   *   *   * 

Atlas of diseases of the skin, Franz Mracek, 1899
Pictures in Hardin MD are of Psoriasis. These pictures are from the Google Books version, which was scanned at Harvard University

  *   *   *   *   *   * 

It has been especially gratifying to make these pages available for Internet users because the pictures from these books are often highly ranked in Google Image search, and get heavy use from this. See for example, Google Image searches on lupus and addison’s disease.

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