Notes from the John Martin Rare Book Room, May 2012

MONDINO DEI LUZZI (d. 1326). Anatomia Mundini. Marburg: In officina Christiani Egenolphi, [1541]

This edition of Mondino’s anatomy was prepared by Johannes Dryander, called Eichmann, who is generally regarded as one of the first anatomists to make illustrations from his own dissections. This important and rare book is especially interesting for its woodcuts. Nearly half of the plates were copied from Berengario da Carpi’s commentary on Mondino’s Anothomia published in 1521 and most of the remaining plates are Dryander’s. Many of them were taken from Dryander’s Anatomiae first issued in 1537 and at least six of his plates are believed to have been taken from Vesalius’ Tabulae anatomicae sex. Only forty-one of the original forty-six plates are present in Hardin’s copy.