Hardin Librarians activity at Midwest Chapter, Medical Library Association Meeting | 2015

Hardin Library staff will be presenting posters and papers at the Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky.
The conference theme is Librarians + Evidence = Proof.

Eric Rumsey, Janna Lawrence and Xiaomei Gu will present a paper Food Diet & Nutrition: A Tricky Search in PubMed.
This paper details their research on searching food, diet, and nutrition (FDN) in PubMed, how to do comprehensive searching on FDN, and potential changes in Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) coming later this year.

Amy Blevins will be a panelist for The Party Crashers Reunion: More Tips and Tricks for Connecting With Our Faculty, Students and Clinicians.
This panel will discuss the status of liaison librarian activities at 5 institutions, and how librarians establish meaningful ongoing relationships with those they serve.

Jennifer Deberg and Elizabeth Kiscaden will present a poster Discovering Trends in Locally Published Systematic Reviews.
The poster shows results of an environmental scan of locally authored systematic reviews, and how librarians can provide service to improve quality of future research.

Xiaomei Gu, Eric Rumsey, and Janna Lawrence will present a poster The Growth of Food-Diet-Nutrition Literature in PubMed.
The poster analyzes growth of FDN subjects, and publication trends.

Eric Rumsey, Janna Lawrence, and Xiaomei Gu will present a poster The Most Important Plant-Based Food Families in PubMed.
This poster examines how PubMed’s MeSH tree structure facilitates searching for plant-based foods, including searching by family of plants.

Xiaomei Gu will present a poster Introducing Embase to the College of Pharmacy through Active Learning Activities.
The poster shows how to use different active learning activities to teach Embase to new users at multiple levels.

Complete abstracts available online.