Hardin Scholarly Communication News – January 2007 | Issue 1.07

A Newsletter for the Health Sciences Campus at the University of Iowa

January 2007 | Issue 1.07

Hardin Scholarly Communication News brings together a variety of topics that affect the current system of scholarly communication, with emphasis on new developments, open access and alternative publishing models in the health sciences. This newsletter aims to reflect the interests of its readers so please forward comments, suggestions and entries to include to karen-fischer@uiowa.edu. Subscribers will also receive Hardin News announcements.

Table of Contents:

Author Addenda (for Retention of Copyright): An Examination of Five Alternatives
Survey on Academic Publishing
Scholarpedia Launches
Open Access Could Lead to Cancelled Subscriptions
Summary of Biomedical Funders’ Policies on Open Access
The Promise of Value-based Journal Prices and Negotiation
Publishers Criticize Professors for Copyright Violations
What is Open Data?
Creative Commons Add-in for Microsoft Office
Genetic Database That Matches Drugs to Illnesses May Speed New Therapies
Nature Ends Open Peer Review Experiment
Google’s Offer to Digitize Journal Back Runs for OA
UK PubMed Central (UKPMC) Now Live
Shaping the Future of Scientific Scholarly Communication: PLoS One