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3 thoughts on “Measuring Scholarly Impact: Altmetrics and Altmetric for Scopus

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the pointer to the manifesto; it’s been really exciting to see the interest this has attracted from folks in the academic library community!

    I wanted to add that along with, there’s also Plum Analytics (an altmetrics platform marketed primarily to libraries) and ImpactStory, which I’m a co-founder of. ImpactStory’s an open-source, non-profit startup (we’re funded by the Sloan Foundation) built to help individual researchers gather and share the diverse impacts of all their products–traditional articles, but also datasets, software, slides, and more. Our goal is to help researchers uncover and tell the full story of their research’s impact.

    Also, really interesting to hear that Scopus doesn’t support IE! As someone who’s had to design around Internet Exploder’s standards-noncomplient rendering more times than I can count, I have to say “yay Scopus!” for that choice :).

    1. Thanks for your comments, Jason. I did not mention other altmetrics apps because of space limit. As of now, Scopus is compatible with IE 9 (it wasn’t when I published the post).

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