Getting to know and Keeping up with Health Sciences Apps

Mobile devices are getting more useful every day. You might be one of the folks that just bought the new iPhone 4S or you might have an iPad, Blackberry or Android. It’s possible you’ve never owned a mobile device but are thinking about it now that they are becoming more affordable. Either way, you might be interested in finding out what sort of apps you could use to improve the way you study or practice a health sciences profession. Below are a few resources to consider.

Reviews on Medical Apps and/or Mobile Devices


The blog iMedicalApps  is run by health professionals where people talk about new mobile technologies and review different apps. As you can see from their “About” page, they are very transparent in who is writing the blog posts. The editors work in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Oncology/Surgery. Although the site is a little busy with ads and images, there is a nicely tabbed navigation system that allows users to browse posts based on device (iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry or All), Medical Specialty (31 to choose from including Internal Medicine, Surgery, Nephrology and Family Practice), or “Top Apps” by related fields or platforms.

Other Sites

Of course, there are other sites that will help you keep up with new with medical apps. Although not specifically dedicated to apps or medicine, one resource to follow is Wired Campus a blog from the
Chronicle of Higher Education.  Just the other day, they had an interesting post on the usefulness of updating to the iOS 5 operating system for iPhones, iPod Touches or iPads called “A Quick Introduction to iOS 5: Why You Might Update Your Device.” Another blog to follow from The Chronicle of Higher Education is ProfHacker. This blog is much more tech heavy than Wired, but has great tips for using a variety of technologies.

Information Specific to Apple Mobile Devices

Are you mostly interested in iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch information? If so, you might consider checking out TiPb: The #1 iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch blog.

Free (to you) Apps and Support

Finally, don’t forget that Hardin Library has a Mobile Devices Subject Guide with information on apps to which Hardin Library subscribes. If you are an affiliate of the University of Iowa, we can provide you with mobile access to apps for DynaMed, Natural Standard and much more! During the Fall 2011 semester, we’re also offering mobile device drop-in support from 7:30-9am Monday through Friday or by appointment. Contact us for more information.

Image of Smart Phones

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