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DRP welcomes Rob Shepard!

Digital Research & Publishing is pleased to announce that Rob Shepard has accepted our offer to be the new Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) Librarian for the UI Libraries. Rob comes to us from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln where he is pursuing a Ph.D. in Geography. We at DRP are looking forward to theContinue reading “DRP welcomes Rob Shepard!”

A Monument Man at SUI

Two collections in the Iowa Digital Library, University of Iowa Alumni Publications and University of Iowa Yearbooks include over 40,000 pages of campus history.  Locating a specific name or event would be a challenge, but Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows the collections to be full text searchable. The name George Stout has been inContinue reading “A Monument Man at SUI”

Bon Voyage, Christine!

We in Digital Research & Publishing sadly bid fond farewell to Christine Tade. Christine’s involvement in DRP extends back almost to the beginning of the department, to a 2006 professional development internship, where Christine learned the ins-and-outs of applying descriptive metadata to Iowa Digital Library materials. Afterward, Christine was the point person for digital collectionContinue reading “Bon Voyage, Christine!”

Winet new director of Digital Studio for Public Humanities

Jon Winet has been named the inaugural director of the Digital Studio for Public Humanities at the University of Iowa. The new Studio is a campus-wide initiative based in the Main Library that will encourage and support public digital humanities research and scholarship by faculty, staff, and students, including those involved in “Public Humanities inContinue reading “Winet new director of Digital Studio for Public Humanities”

Digital humanities director search underway

After a series of digital humanities faculty hires, the University is now seeking an internal candidate to head the new Digital Studio for Public Humanities, to be housed in Main Library. We in DLS are excited about this latest development, and we look forward to building on recent experimental digital project collaborations with faculty members andContinue reading “Digital humanities director search underway”

Digital humanities faculty searches underway

At Digital Library Services we are excited to see the new job postings for four faculty positions in support of a cluster initiative in Public Humanities in a Digital World. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is searching for the first three of an eventual six positions under this initiative. The new School of Library and Information Science director will beContinue reading “Digital humanities faculty searches underway”