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Newborn with many animal heads

This image is from a digitization work-in-progress of Gaspar Schott’s Physica Curiosa, originally published in 1662. Purporting to be a factual compendium of “curiosities,” the early medical book includes depictions of what we now categorize as animals, humans with congenital anomalies, and mythical creatures. Physica Curiosa is only the most recent volume featured in aContinue reading “Newborn with many animal heads”

“Fashioning a lifelong passion for science fiction fanzines into a digital research tool”

Today’s Daily Iowan features an article on the Horvat Collection of science fiction fanzines that the UI Libraries purchased last year after it was spotted on eBay. Included is coverage of DLS’ efforts to develop a searchable database of fanzine table of contents pages that should provide science fiction scholars with a powerful tool to pinpointContinue reading ““Fashioning a lifelong passion for science fiction fanzines into a digital research tool””

Happy ½-year anniversary to us

July at the UI Libraries is Annual Report-writing time, with each department submitting a list of statistics, projects, awards, and other accomplishments for possible inclusion in the official end-of-fiscal-year publication. Although DLS has only existed half the year, with much of that time spent on department start-up, we still managed to accumulate a fair amountContinue reading “Happy ½-year anniversary to us”

The revolution will be digitized

As in all other areas of scholarship, the internet has had a transformative effect on libraries and librarianship. While print collections are still the mainstay of the UI Libraries, information is increasingly moving online, resulting in the near ubiquity of the word “digital” – a term that, as researcher Karen Coyle recently observed in TheContinue reading “The revolution will be digitized”