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Queen of the campus

In honor of African American History Month, DLS will be highlighting the stories of African Americans featured in the Iowa Digital Library. First up is Digital Librarianship Fellow Shawn Averkamp on Dora Martin Berry, campus queen of the UI (then State University of Iowa), 1955. Though segregation was never a matter of official policy at The University of Iowa, AfricanContinue reading “Queen of the campus”

Digital library fellowship profile: Bryan Stusse & Artists’ Television Network

With his expertise in video art, Bryan Stusse was a natural fit to digitize selections from the Artists’ Television Network, a subset of Special Collections’ Alternative Traditions in the Contemporary Arts materials. But although equipped for the curatorial tasks of selecting from hundreds of original works by visual and performing artists broadcast on New YorkContinue reading “Digital library fellowship profile: Bryan Stusse & Artists’ Television Network”

Digital library fellowship profile: Shawn Averkamp & African American Women Students at the UI

Fellow Shawn Averkamp got more than she bargained for when she signed on for our African American student history project. Unlike other DLS fellows who were culling from only one archival collection, Shawn was working from a scholarly article listing primary source materials in a variety of collections drawn from the Iowa Women’s Archives andContinue reading “Digital library fellowship profile: Shawn Averkamp & African American Women Students at the UI”

Digital library fellowship profile: Jane Monson & Recipe Pamphlets

Digital library fellow Jane Monson channeled her inner foodie to create the Recipe Pamphlets from the Szathmary Culinary Arts Digital Collection. Bravely wading through a physical collection of over 4000 pamphlets, Jane selected a representative sampling of several dozen items for digitization, resulting in over 1300 scanned and full text searchable pages from the lateContinue reading “Digital library fellowship profile: Jane Monson & Recipe Pamphlets”

Digital library fellowship profile: Jill Wehrheim & Civil War Diaries

While we’re sad that our initial cohort of digital library fellows will soon be leaving DLS, we’re proud of the excellent work they’ve done and the high quality digital collections they’ll be leaving behind. This week, we’re profiling Jill Wehrheim, who digitized almost 1600 pages from over a dozen items drawn from the Libraries’ holdings of CivilContinue reading “Digital library fellowship profile: Jill Wehrheim & Civil War Diaries”

Getting our thanks on

Although it’s recently been declared that the day after Halloween marks the first day of Christmas, we’re taking some time in DLS to fit in a celebration of Thanksgiving. Currently featured on the Iowa Digital Library home page are cartoons depicting the holiday from the ever-topical Ding Darling collection, alongside our newest and most gratifyingContinue reading “Getting our thanks on”

Get your spook on

Fear and dread are no strangers to the Libraries, especially during finals week, as students fight the demons of procrastination, sleep deprivation, and over-caffeination. But this October, DLS is kicking it up a notch from fear to terror with our Halloween digital collection, compiling the scariest bits of data lurking in the dark recesses ofContinue reading “Get your spook on”

Educating the 21st century librarian

Funded by a Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian grant , our new digital library fellows have been tracking their progress with a suitably 21st century learning tool: the blog. During the next two years of their program, these students will be blogging their way through a series of half-time clinical rotations in various departments andContinue reading “Educating the 21st century librarian”

DLS Year One: expansion and collaboration

Although it’s hard for us to believe, the end of Fiscal Year 2006/07 marks only the first full year of Digital Library Services’ existence as a departmental unit. See below for a list of some of our accomplishments, compiled for the upcoming Libraries’ Annual Report . But there’s no rest for the digital, so we’reContinue reading “DLS Year One: expansion and collaboration”