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Nancy Kraft reflects on disaster response in new book chapter

Congratulations to our very own “Queen of Disaster,” Nancy Kraft, on the recent publication of her new book chapter. Nancy’s chapter, “Bridging the Rivers,” appears in Flood in Florence, 1966: a Fifty-Year Retrospective, out now from Michigan Publishing. Find out how Nancy developed her disaster response expertise as she recounts the numerous floods and otherContinue reading “Nancy Kraft reflects on disaster response in new book chapter”

Before & After Treatment: Keith’s New Theatre clipping book

Before treatment: Crumbling edges, misshapen spine, detached pages, overfilled pages, board detachment front and back. After treatment: Foldered and housed detached pages in a 4-flap wrapper, sewed new endsheets front and back, lined spine and created new flange with extended liner and new endsheet, reattached text-block to case using new flange, mended edges and substrateContinue reading “Before & After Treatment: Keith’s New Theatre clipping book”

Shakespeare At Iowa Items Under Wraps

Friday, August 26, 2016 We’re keeping everything under wraps for the opening day of the Shakespeare First Folio and Shakespeare At Iowa Exhibit. As items were prepared for the exhibit, they were wrapped so not even staff could take a peek. Here some of the books are sitting in front of their individually crafted cradles.Continue reading “Shakespeare At Iowa Items Under Wraps”

Treating A Keith/Albee Scrapbook

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 Submitted by Katarzyna Bator and Bailey Kinsky Our second project this summer is assisting with the treatment of several scrapbooks from the Keith Albee collection. Our work was being overseen by Candida Pagan, Project Conservator. The goal for our treatment is to stabilize the delicate structures for digitization. Picture 1 showsContinue reading “Treating A Keith/Albee Scrapbook”

Finding a Hidden Gem

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 Finding a hidden gem makes Book Repair Supervisor Susan’s day fun. While repairing a book spine, Susan discovered this stiffener (liner) inside the spine; spine liners often were cut from scraps of paper, sometimes unused pages from books already produced by the bindery. The book she was repairing was published inContinue reading “Finding a Hidden Gem”

Documenting and Treating Scrolls: Part 3 Final

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 Submitted by Katarzyna Bator and Bailey Kinsky The Buddhist scrolls from the Ficke collection had experienced pretty significant insect damage which greatly increased the risk of damage during handling. In order to stabilize the paper structure, Kate and I performed some basic paper mends using a remoistenable tissue. We had previouslyContinue reading “Documenting and Treating Scrolls: Part 3 Final”