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Encapsulating a giant map

Friday, September 28, 2012

Part of our mission at the University of Iowa is community outreach, in the Preservation and Conservation department outreach happens in many different ways. One of our most recent community projects was helping the Davenport Public Library (DPL) with an over-sized map.  Amy Groskopf, the Associate Director at the Davenport Public Library, contacted us about encapsulating a large early map of the Davenport area.  They had sent the map to be conserved by a private conservator but were unable to have the map encapsulated there.

Large Map from Davenport Public Library
Encapsulating a large map
Encapsulating a large map










Encapsulation is the process of using an ultrasonic welder using mylar to create a stable housing for flatwork.

The DPL’s map was very large and Bill Voss, Giselle Simon and I all helped to position and move the map around as we created the enclosure. We’re so happy to have a large flat space in our new lab that made this project run smoothly!