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I Debut on Video

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The CR Gazette front page GazetteOnline tag line encourages readers to Learn How to Save Flood Soaked Documents by watching the video. Something to look forward to in my “spare time.” I did a brief check on the preservation area. The cabinet smells great. The book dumbwaiter is much improved but I’m still getting a little allergic reaction. I guess the HEPA air cleaner will be the solution for some time and we’ll need to just let time take care of the problem.

We went out to Oakdale. Air quality much improved. I suggested trying some additional fans in area of work. We watched the video. Not too bad but they did spell my name wrong. Aaargh. It’s Kraft with a “K”!

Kristin and SLIS student volunteer, Bryan Stusse, worked at the Oakdale storage area. They found more items in bubble wrap and one piece of pottery packed underneath heavy items. It’s cracked. When packing things out during an emergency, it’s really hard to do everything right.

I met with a reporter from the Quad City Times who is trying to do an article on how to save your stuff.  It’s a little late for people to learn about how to save their stuff. But it’s never too late to get the word out!