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Locked Out!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I packed my shoes, flashlight, and face mask in happy anticipation that we would finally be able to get into the Art and Music libraries. Once at the library I spent a little bit of time with staff. We continue to slowly get the preservation basement area back into some semblance of order. The little dumbwaiter area had been cleaned out but both Deb and I reacted when we got close to the area. We set up a HEPA air cleaner and Deb experienced immediate relief. Then we started to work in the book repair area, opened a cabinet and about passed out from the fumes. OK, so another area missed and one needing a re-do. To be expected.  We discovered a plywood cabinet that needed to be hauled away and discarded. We’re making progress. That’s what counts.

Then off to Oakdale to check on that site. With Caitlin on vacation, Bill is filling in for the week. The carbon filters are definitely helping. The area smells much better. Still would like to get more air circulating. I notice that the air is set to auto and switch it to continuous. The items themselves smell so this might be the best we can do. I checked the storage area and all seems to be ok. No strong smells. But then maybe I’m getting used to it — if that is possible!

I dealt with mostly flood stuff all day; only about an hour on nonflood stuff. We’ve been given the word that staff reviews must be turned in if they were due at the end of June. We had one done, signed but not turned in. Turned it in and discovered that I failed to address a major initiative as a goal and have to revise.

We met friends at George’s to while away the time until I can get into the Art Library at 7PM. While at George’s my daughter called to tell me that our wood conservator is trying to get a hold of me. I called him while waiting to get into the Art Library. He’s exploring some product for sterilization of porous objects. At 7PM, we learn that someone dropped the ball and did not let public safety know that we were to be let into the Art and Music Libraries. We’re locked out. Told in no uncertain terms that we will not be let in. So go home. Public Services is short handed yet they have enough staff to send over two patrol cars to make sure we go home.