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Interview Prep with Vault

The database: Vault Where to find it: You can find it here, and under V in the databases A-Z list. Use it to find: Internship information Company info, rankings and reviews – includes info such as: geographic reach, operations, sales and marketing, financial performance, strategy, competitors, and company news Information on Industries and Professions. IndustryContinue reading “Interview Prep with Vault”

Bulky laptop dragging you down? Introducing TechGuard Locker Bay

Notice anything new in the Biz Hub this semester? Since our ritzy remodel last semester, the Biz Hub has been getting even more in sync with what students and faculty need. For those of you who might spend an entire afternoon in the business building, this new addition really comes as a relief. Enter, the Tech Guard Locker Bay.Continue reading “Bulky laptop dragging you down? Introducing TechGuard Locker Bay”