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Finals To-Do List: Pet a Dog on Tue, May 7 and Mon, May 13 from 4-7p

Big dogs, small dogs and everything in between from the Therapy Dogs of Johnson County will be in the Main Library for a finals study break on Tuesday, May 7 and Monday, May 13 from 4-7 p.m. in the Main Library rm 2032 (conference room adjacent to large computer lab).

Therapy Dogs of Johnson County is a volunteer therapy dog group comprised of Delta Society registered Pet Partner teams. Their purpose is to bring the benefits of the human-animal bond to members of our community.

The last time the dogs visited the library, more than 80 people came to see them. One student commented, “this is one of the best study breaks I’ve ever had! It’s so relaxing to pet a dog and forget about the stress.”



Madison Street entrance construction to begin next week

ML_MadisonStreetWithin the next week work will begin constructing the new entrance to the library and learning commons on Madison Street.

Because of this, Madison Street will be reduced to two lanes. At this time we are not sure how long Madison St. will be affected by this project.

When the Learning Commons opens there will be three entrances to the building: North and South as well as the new entrance on Madison St.


David McCartney selected to 2013 Archives Leadership Institute

In a competitive application process consisting of nearly 100 candidates, David McCartney has been selected as a participant in the 2013 Archives Leadership Institute.

David has been the University of Iowa Archivist in the Department of Special Collections and University Archives, University of Iowa Libraries, since January 2001.  He currently serves as chair of the CIC University Archivists Group and is membership chair of the Midwest Archives Conference. Previous archival positions have included contracting with History Associates, Inc., a records management evaluation position with the International Monetary Fund, a processing position with the National Public Broadcasting Archives and Library of American Broadcasting, and an archives technician position in the Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Branch of the National Archives and Records Administration.  David has a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1979) and an MA in history and MLS in library science from the University of Maryland, College Park (1998).

Participants were selected for the program based on their leadership skills and potential, ability to influence policy and change within an organization and the archival field, commitment to the archival profession, career progress and history, organizational involvement, professional motivation and goals, a collaborative and innovative spirit and diversity and specialization within the profession.

ALI is a program funded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, a statutory body affiliated with the National Archives and Records Administration, and is being hosted at Luther College for the years 2013-15. The Archives Leadership Institute at Luther College (ALI@Luther) will provide advanced training for 25 emerging and innovative leaders, giving them the knowledge and tools to transform the archival profession in practice, theory and attitude. To learn more about ALI@Luther see


Learning Commons

These days anyone who comes to the library will be greeted with signs of construction…noise, hard hats and plywood. What!?!?!!, might you ask, is going on in the library? We are in the middle of constructing a new space for student success, interaction and learning! This fall the Main Library will be the home to the University of Iowa Learning Commons. Brought to you through the collaboration and support of ITS, the University of Iowa Libraries and the Provost’s office, the Learning Commons will support student success by providing collaborative study and work spaces, cutting edge technology, good coffee, even better social interaction and great service! To be kept in the know visit the Learning Commons website and don’t forget to LIKE the Learning Commons facebook page! Our Facebook page is up and running and we’ll not only provide you with updates on the construction of the Learning Commons but we’ll post fun and interesting articles, reviews, and websites that support your educational, personal and professional interests! See you there!

South LobbySouth LobbyFood for ThoughtFood for Thought


Celebrating Pi Day with…

Pie, of course. Before you head out for Spring Break, stop by the UI Libraries on Thursday, March 14 for the celebration. Grab an apple tartlet at:

Art Library 9:15am & 1:45pm
Hardin Library for the Health Sciences 1:59pm until gone
Lichtenberger Engineering Library 1:59pm – 4:00pm
Main Library 1:59pm – 2:59pm
Pomerantz Business Library 10:00am until gone
Sciences Library 10:00am until gone


Think back to your high school geometry class; Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi is approximately 3.14159, but has been calculated to over two trillion digits, it goes on infinitely without repeating or becoming a pattern. Science would not exist without Pi.  Mathematics, statistics, engineering, geography, geology, computer science, etc. all rely on Pi.

More information about Pi can be found at Wolfram MathWorld:


National History Day at the University of Iowa Libraries, February 15, 2013

The University of Iowa Libraries welcomes students from Roosevelt, Wilson, and Franklin Middle Schools for a National History Day workshop.


Elevator B in Main Library Out of Service

The northwest elevator (B) in the Main Library is currently out of service for levelling problems. It is being adjusted and will be operational again soon.


DVD Quick Pick Up at Main Library

No more waiting around to pick up DVDs at the Main Library. Just request them online and have them waiting for you. The DVD collection located in the Main Library consists of over 18,000 titles, ranging from documentaries to tv shows. 

Delivery to your closest library as well as to the North Circulation desk within the Main Library is possible through the “Request” option in InfoHawk or Smart Search

Requests placed before midnight will be available at the Main Library North Circulation desk before noon the next day and requests placed before 11:30am will be available the same day by 5pm, Monday-Friday. 

Whether you want to watch a movie for fun or need to prepare for a course, we have improved our delivery service to make check-out faster and more convenient. Remember, just click “Request” and have your DVD(s) waiting for you to pick up!


Several Shades of Gray: A Different Kind of Research

Somewhere between an idea and a fully formed published work is the gray area of research in progress, raw data and “science right now” reports. This gray literature is often difficult to find, but provides details often omitted for the final published work and provides rapid release in new research areas.

Check out this guide to Gray/Grey Literature to bump up your research vocabulary: .


Iowa Research Online: Where Your Work Lasts Forever

By Michael S. Lewis-Beck, F. Wendell Miller Distinguished Professor of Political Science

As emeritus faculty, I’ve spent my career researching and writing about politics. I published my first academic paper in 1974. Then as it is today, having your academic work cited is critical. But now the methods of scholarly publishing are very different. Academic publishers and academic libraries alike are faced with financial challenges of changing technologies and greater demand for information.

Over the course of my career I’ve authored or co-authored more than 200 articles and books in comparative elections, election forecasting, political economy and quantitative methodology. I can’t hazard a guess as to how many students, researchers and others have read my ideas in the past 40 years.

Then three years ago, 24 of my articles and book chapters were uploaded into Iowa Research Online ( Now each month, I receive notification of how many times an article has been downloaded. It’s exciting to see those numbers grow. But what might be even more exhilarating is the fact that my work will be available to students and researchers in perpetuity.