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“You Say Khaddafi, I Say Gaddafi”

This month’s focus – foreign media coverage of Libyan leader, Mu’ammar Al-Qadhafi, past and present.

Develop your research skills and put a little power in your papers. Learn transferable skills that can be applied to nearly all topics.




Don’t Struggle with Research Next Semester

During the last couple days of the semester, you’re tired, you’re frustrated and you’re spending WAY too much time searching for information for your paper.

The end of next semester can be better! You can learn how to Find the Good Stuff Fast!

  • Learn how to DO MORE than just Google for information
  • Find information resources your professors want
  • Save yourself the headache of searching – do more finding
  • Feel more confident in your information/research skills

If this sounds like a better end to the semester, add the course 417:001 Library Research in Context to your fall schedule.  In this class, you’ll actually be able to use the information you learn for assignments and projects that you’ll be doing in your major courses.  Two for one – now that’s something the University rarely offers you! 

So log-on to ISIS and register for one of the following sections of 417:001 before the course closes!

417:001:003 Library Research in Context
Subtitle: Find the Good Stuff Fast
Instructors: Kristi A Robinson-Bontrager, Ericka A Raber
Time & Location: 10:30A – 11:20A W 4037 LIB

417:001:005 Library Research in Context
Subtitle: Find the Good Stuff Fast
Instructor: Steven F Ostrem
Time & Location: 1:30P – 2:20P T 4037 LIB

Or one of the online courses offered this fall:

417:001:EXU Library Research in Context
Subtitle: Find the Good Stuff Fast
Instructor: Daniel P Gall
Time & Location: ARR World Wide Web

417:001:EXV Library Research in Context
Subtitle: Find the Good Stuff Fast
Instructor: Dave Martin
Time & Location: ARR World Wide Web

417:001:EXW Library Research in Context
Subtitle: Find the Good Stuff Fast
Instructor: Christopher A Childs
Time & Location: ARR World Wide Web


Did You Know? You can access the newest research online: full text

Through the Libraries, you now have full text (PDF) access to over 1 million titles in the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database.  For more information:  http://guides.lib.uiowa.edu/dissertations.


Did You Know? Manage your research with web-based tool.

RefWorks is  web-based citation management tool to help you keep track of your research.  There’s no software to install.  Use RefWorks to organize and share citations, format bibliographies, and more.  See RefWorks tutorials for more information.


Did You Know? You can IM your librarian

You can use the Libraries’ anonymous IM service to ask quick question about your research. 

Library staff can suggest appropriate databases and search strategies to get you started.  For more complete discussion of your project, you can request a research consultation with a librarian.


Iowa Research Online in Smart Search

Iowa Research Online (IRO) preserves and provides open access to the scholarly and creative work of the University of Iowa. 

We are pleased to announce that over 1500 records for items found in the IRO are now available in Smart Search.  Additional records will be added to Smart Search on a monthly basis.


Did You Know? TXT Call Numbers to Your Cell

Did you know that you can text a call number to your cell phone so you can go and find the item in the library stacks?

Simply use Smart Search (smartsearch.uiowa.edu) to find your item. Then click the title to view the full details of the record. On the right in the “Keeping this item” section is an option to “Text” the record. Just click the link, enter your 10 digit number without any spaces or dashes, and hit send. That’s it!

(Note: Carrier charges may apply)


Did You Know? Income Tax Information Resources Available Online

W-2s, 1099s, 1040s. It’s like an algebra problem without an answer sheet. UI Librarians have put together some quick information and links to relevant government websites for you.



Gerritsen Collection of Women’s History online records added to InfoHawk

The Gerritsen Collection was begun by Aletta Jacobs Gerritsen in the late 1800s. The online resource delivers two million page images exactly as they appeared in the original printed works. It includes monographs, periodicals and pamphlets in fifteen languages, and is searchable by keyword and Boolean operators.

Nearly 4500 records were added to InfoHawk and Smart Search. When you search a particular topic in the library catalog, you may find pages from the Gerritsen online collection.


Special Collections Item of the Month

Behind the Scenes by Elizabeth Keckley, 1868.

Elizabeth Keckley was Mary Todd Lincoln’s seamstress at the White House, and became a close confidant of the First Lady. She was born in Virginia and for thirty years was a slave, before she was able to purchase her freedom while working as a dressmaker. She met Mary Todd Lincoln on the day of Abraham Lincoln’s first inauguration as President, and was hired to make dresses for her the following day.

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